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Here are the steps as to how to make hanging hare door decor, an Easter craft.

Hanging Hare Door Décor

Easter is round the corner and it is the time to indulge in spring cleaning your home and premises. Since the festival brings with it the freshness of spring, you would want to decorate your home beautifully, to complement the pleasantness of the season. For the purpose, purchase some spring flowers and let them fill the ambience with their enticing fragrance. If you want to convey your festive spirit to others, then start decorating your home right from the front door. It is suggested to make a simple craft for the purpose. As the name suggests, the Hanging Hare Door Décor is an Easter craft that can be used to decorate doorknobs during Easter. Go through the following lines to get instructions for making Hanging Hare Door Décor.

How To Make Hanging Hare Door Décor

Materials Required