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Easter greeting cards are exchanged to welcome the advent of the festive season. Read about Easter E cards.

Easter Cards

In today's time, when people find themselves hard-pressed to spend quality time with near and dear ones, exchange of greeting cards becomes a convenient tool to connect to their loved ones. They consider special occasions and popular festivals as the opportunity to send greeting cards to convey their blessings and wishes to their loved ones. Easter, which commemorates the resurrection of Lord Jesus Christ after crucifixion, is one of the holiest Christian festivals. The joyous festival calls for merriment, in the name of Lord Jesus. Exchange of gifts, cards and beautifully decorated Easter eggs is one of the traditions of the festival.

On Easter, beautiful greeting cards are exchanged by people. The tradition of exchanging Easter cards had originated in Victorian England, when a stationer added a greeting to the drawing of a rabbit (or the Easter bunny). Since then, people send greeting cards to their loved ones on Easter. Easter card designs that express spiritual sentiments and wishes for spring, and feature popular icons and religious symbols of this spring holiday are extremely popular among the masses. Besides a wide array of easy-to-send paper cards, customers also have the option of adding their own personal message, along with the greeting card.

In Great Britain alone, there are as many as 800 publishers, producing about 2.6 billion greeting cards a year. The industry even has its own version of the Oscars, called the Henries - named after Sir Henry Cole, who produced the first commercial Christmas cards in 1846. The greeting card industry in Great Britain is worth more than �1.2bn a year. According to the latest estimates, more than 20 percent of Easter greeting cards are given to children, a fact that substantiates the popular notion of Easter being kid's favorite festival. The legendary character - Easter bunny is a hit among the little ones.

According to American Greetings, Easter is now the fourth most popular holiday for sending cards, behind Christmas, Valentine's Day and Mother's Day. In recent years, people have taken recourse to e-cards to express Easter greetings. With the technical advancement and the increasing popularity of internet, people have started sending e-cards to their loved ones, on the ceremonious occasion of Easter. A number of websites have come up with beautiful e-cards, which are broadly categorized into non-animated, animated and interactive cards. The websites providing free e-cards have added a number of new features to their cards. These include the option to send the same card to multiple recipients, simultaneously.

Apart from sending e-cards and paper cards, you can also send homemade greeting cards to your near and dear, on Easter, in case you want to add a personal touch to it. Create beautiful cards at home, using craft items like glitters. Cut the card paper into different shapes, such as Easter bunny, or Easter eggs. Write some funny or inspirations quotations based on the festival, include the name of the sender, put the card into a clean envelope and send it to your loved one. It is definite that he/she would appreciate your thoughtfulness and cherish your card for many years.