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Some fun filled activity ideas to make your Easter a timeless memory. Add to the delight of Easter by playing these games & activities!

Easter Activities

Easter carnival is the eagerly anticipated for its sheer enthusiasm and coltish spirit. Merry-making and boisterous festivities are the hallmark of this gala event. The essence of this fiesta is the sportive spirit of people, which calls for some unrestrained fun through games and other traditional practices undertaken by the merry-makers. People embark upon some cool fun activities to add a playful flavor and excitement to their celebrations and enrich their Easter delight. Below is a list of some exciting games and activities, high on the spirit of Easter, which will make for some rollicking celebration!

Easter Activity Ideas

Organize An Egg Hunt
Egg hunt is immensely popular among both the kids and adults. In fact, Easter would seem imperfect and incomplete without an egg hunt. This could be made more funny and interesting by some innovative ideas. For instance, you can hide the eggs at difficult to reach places, for older kids. In case of adults, coded clues could be left, so that they first have to decode a clue to sight their Easter egg.

Play Funny Bunny Games
Easter bunny is traditionally the counterpart of Santa clause, who brings gifts for children on the special occasion. Funny and challenging games involving the cute Easter rabbit can be played. For instance, you can play Pin the Tail on the Bunny, Egg Bowling and even Bunny, Bunny Hop. Bunny can also be decorated in a new style, to pep up the mood of the games.

Jelly Beans Game
Jelly beans are loved by all and sundry and can be used to play exciting Easter games. Put the same amount of jelly beans in a number of jars and ask the players to eat it. The one who eats all the jelly beans in the shortest span of time will be declared the winner, with a nice gift to follow! Even adults can play this game and have loads of uninhibited fun.

Cook Luscious Easter Recipes
Easter games, when coupled with a delicious feast, make an enviable celebration. Try out a number of amazing Easter recipes, like unleavened bread, cakes, candies, cookies and pies, honey glazed ham and Greek lamb. For this, you can either buy a recipe book from the market or find recipes over the internet, which are available in plenty.

Online Easter Games
For those who are celebrating Easter alone and can't reach out to their friends or loved ones for some inescapable reason, internet presents one of the best options. All they have to do is log on to the net and get a flurry of online Easter games, to have fun on the special day. So, just hop on to your computer and make the most of it.

Organize A Picnic
One of the best ways to celebrate Christmas is by organizing a picnic for all your near and dear ones. All you have to do is make a few Easter recipes and pack them up, along with the supplies for Easter games. Now, move to the picnic venue and start playing various games. When we feel tired, there are always the tasty dishes to replenish your energy.

Go for any or all of these action-packed activities for an enthralling experience this Easter.