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Easter flower bouquet makes an excellent gift during Easter festival. Read on to know about Easter flower basket

Easter Flowers

The festival of Easter heralds the advent of spring. Mother Nature blooms with the myriad hues of gorgeous spring flowers. After the gloom of the cold winter months, it is time to welcome back the tulips, crocuses, daffodils, and white lilies in all their pristine elegance. Thus, in tune with the spring festivity, people exchange Easter flower bouquets and the church altars are decorated with Easter flowers. The tradition is also followed to commemorate the cause of the festival - the resurrection of Lord Jesus Christ, three days after crucifixion. Read on to get some interesting facts about Easter flowers.

Easter Flowers

Most Common Easter Flower
Among the multitude of spring flowers, the white lily stands as the most common Easter flower. The large, pure white blooms of the Easter lilies are symptomatic of the pure new life that comes through the Resurrection of Jesus. During the festive season, Altar at churches is adorned with beautiful bunches of white lilies. You can make use of the flower to make attractive centerpiece for your dining table. Take a bunch of white lilies, put them in a flower vase and place it on the center table of your living room, to welcome the holiday visitors.

Easter Flower Basket
Easter flower baskets are exchanged by people, to commemorate the festival. A simple flower basket can be made by arranging an assortment of hyacinths, tulips and other seasonal flowers, in spring colors, in a wicker basket. To provide the finishing touch, tie a satin ribbon on the handle of the basket. The flower basket can be decorated with Easter bunnies, toys as well as chocolates. In case you want to present a Easter flower basket to your loved one, then ensure that the flowers you have chosen is of his/her choice.

Easter Flower Bonnets
In the ancient time, simple wreaths of brided flowers were worn as halo-style hats. They came to be known as the Easter flower bonnets. Today, Easter flower bonnets are created by decorating a hat with fresh cut spring flowers. You can also create an Easter flower bonnet by using fresh cut or silk flowers. You may decorate the hat with ribbons, laces or tiny stuffed toys. Flower bonnets make nice gift items for the festival.

Traditional Easter Flowers
Spring flowers are a vital part of the celebrations of Easter. Some flowers have been traditionally used in many countries of the world, and hence, called the traditional Easter flowers. In the UK and Russia, the pussy willow is the Easter Flower. In the Southern France and Northern Italy, the most popular Easter flowers are narcissuses. In Germany, bouquets made of red flowers are popular in Easter time, as they symbolize the God's blood. The traditional flowers are extensively used for decorations for the festival.