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A strict teacher is like a dictator. Having a perfectionist teacher is a punishment for students.

Strict Teacher

A strict teacher is very tough on students. He/she always insists on adhering to the deadlines. Such a teacher dislikes any mistakes or carelessness on the part of the students. Students have to be extra cautious under such a teacher. He/she is like a disciplinarian, always keeping students on their toes. Students who have a very strict teacher are constantly forced to keep too high a standard. even if such a teacher has good intentions, the students fail to understand and appreciate them, because of their tender age.

A strict teacher fails to touch the heart of his/her students, always remains a teacher and failing to become a confidante of the students. Students never respect such a teacher from the heart. They accept him/her only out of compulsion or fear. A strict teacher will find it extremely difficult to be loved by his/her students, especially, those belonging to a small age group. Overtime, a student may come to understand the intent of a strict teacher, but it is highly improbable that he/she will appreciate it.

Qualities Of A Strict/ Perfectionist Teacher

Less Approachable
There are many teachers who believe that they can earn a high opinion from students by keeping a stern profile and an up-tight behavior. However, such teachers fail to realize that the students will be afraid to approach them. They will never feel free to ask questions or raise doubts in the class, which defeats the whole purpose behind observing strictness with students. Harshness and severity will only make the teacher less approachable for students. It is very important to be gentle and a little flexible with the students. Inculcating fear in their minds may invite complaints from their guardians in the long run. Besides, it will also adversely affect the psychology of a young child.

Discouraging Attitude
Some teachers are strict to the extent that they terrify the students and consequentially, the latter start attending their classes altogether. Their strict regime discourages the students from their classes. They try to make excuses for skipping classes, which harms their studies and affects their performance in the respective subject. The student is so precautious of committing mistakes that he/she ends up doing silly mistakes, which invites further scathing criticism from a strict teacher and hurts his/her confidence.

Over-Critical Of Students
A strict teacher cannot accept any error or blunder on the part of the students and can be very contemptuous at such instances. Such teachers make the students feel embarrassed and ashamed of their mistakes. Strict teachers are over critical of their students and lash out on them at the smallest of pretexts. They find it difficult to accept inaccuracy and want every thing to be perfect, in accordance with their perfectionist attitude. It is important to realize that achieving perfection is an art which can be learnt only with time and hence, students should not be forced into it.