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A funny teacher is like a comic character, always acting in a humorous way to make the students smile

Funny Teacher

A funny teacher is like a God-sent to the students. Such a teacher always wants to see his/her students smile ands make learning a pleasurable experience. They are not clumsy, as most people think them to be. Rather, they are witty and bring in humor in the most subtle form. Such teachers try to bring a smile on the lips of their students always, lifting the sadness out of their student's life. They are like stress-busters in our life, who help us in forgetting all our sorrows. One funny teacher in your life can help you make great progress in your studies, without feeling burdened by them ever.

Qualities Of A Humorous Teacher

Makes classes enjoyable
Students thoroughly enjoy the classes of a funny teacher, as he/she makes learning a pleasurable experience. They eagerly await his/her arrival and look forward to interactive sessions with such a teacher. A student would want to skip the classes of a teacher he/she doesn't like or considers strict but, a teacher who is forthcoming, affable and, at times, even funny conveniently changes this mindset. Such a teacher educates in a congenial atmosphere, where students feel comfortable.

Learning Is Fun
Just because a teacher has a humorous nature, it does not mean that he/she will not be serious about studies. He/she does encourage his students to study hard, but in the healthy way. Such teachers educate the students without burdening them. They are not fixated on deadlines, but they do not tolerate a playful attitude towards studies as well. Such teachers lead to the development of students in a healthy and fun way.

Helps Students Deal With Stress
In the present day world, where education has become synonymous with excessive competition, a funny teacher comes as a savior for the students. He/she not only helps them learn in an enjoyable way, but also keeps stress at bay, by bringing out the humorous vein of his/her students. This goes a long way in helping them cope up with the modern pressures.