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A lenient teacher is very pampering. Know more about an easygoing teacher

Lenient Teacher

A lenient teacher is easygoing and takes things as they come. He/she is not overly finicky about things, such as doing homework on time or not sitting quietly in the class, etc. Such teachers very well realize that being strict with a child can only make him/her withdrawn. However, this does not mean that one can do anything in the class of a pampering teacher. There are limits to the leniency shown by a teacher. The students should not take undue advantage of such a teacher. If he/she is not being too harsh, they should respect that and behave properly. All said and done, lenient teachers are the best.

Qualities Of An easygoing & Pampering Teacher

Loved By Students
A lenient teacher is always loved by his/her students. Children don't like to feel trapped in the classroom and detest teachers who are overtly strict and don't let them be at ease. On the other hand, they totally adore a tolerant and relaxed teacher. However, some teachers are too laid back to be strict and come across as lenient. They certainly cannot be categorized as good teachers. It is good to be lenient to a certain degree, but one should not be over-indulging. Students can take undue advantage of such an attitude and become increasingly difficult to control. Moderation is the key here.

Comforting To The Students
The company of a lenient teacher can be very comforting for the students. At the same time, he/she should know where to draw the limit and make the students realize that such boundaries need to be respected. Children learn discipline and obedience in school and it greatly affects and shape their personality. Being generous to a fault is not appreciable and can turn the child into a rogue. However, a lenient teacher is someone whom the students, usually, open up to and look forward to attend his/her classes. The key here is to maintain a balance and still be a soothing comfort to the students.

easily Approachable
The best thing about lenient teachers is that they are easily approachable and non-fussy. Students feel free to come up to them for any problem and are not scared to voice their opinions. A teacher has to be approachable even if she is strict or reserved, but with a lenient teacher it comes naturally. It is the biggest quality that a teacher can possess.

Boosts Students' Confidence
It is important for a child to shed inhibitions and grow confident with progressing age. A lenient teacher's class is often morale-boosting for the students. However, the teacher needs to take care that this confidence doesn't get converted into arrogance and disregard for the teachers or elders, in general. Generous teachers, sometimes, complain of not being taken seriously by their students, but the students, most definitely, love them.