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'Let's be Happy' by Malvine P Hoenig is a sweet Hanukkah poem.

Let's Be Happy

The word "Hanukkah" has been derived from the Hebrew word which stands for "to dedicate". On this, Jews got back the control of Jerusalem and rededicated the Holy Temple. As part of the celebration today, they light the special candelabrum called Menorah or Hanukiah. They also have music and songs for the occasion, which includes poem recitations as well. Several poems have been written on Hanukkah, of which one is 'Let's be Happy'. The poem describes the celebration of Hanukkah in exquisite lines. Though it is a small poem, it makes a strong impact.

'Let's be Happy' uses common language, with simple presentation, which makes it interpretable by any common reader. It has a lucid flow, which contributes to its pleasant reading. Besides, it serves as the poem for both adults and children. The poem mainly focuses on the tradition of lighting of menorah during the festival. In fact, the entire history related to it is brought alive through the lines. Then, there is the visual presentation of illumination, which spreads everywhere during the festival. The whole atmosphere is shown as filled with hope and cheer. The actual sight of the town during the festival is brought to life through this poem. Read through the lyrics of the poem and recite it this year on Hanukkah.

Let's be Happy

Let's be happy, let us cheer,
Hanukkah again is here.
All the lights are shining bright,
Isn't it a lovely sight?

You know these lights remind us
Of the time long, long ago,
When God caused one,
Tiny light,
For eight long days to shine so bright.