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'Joyous Hanukkah' by Eva Grant is a short sweet poem for Hanukah.

Joyous Hanukkah

Hanukkah is the Jewish festival of lights that brings to fore the brave victory of Maccabees, led by the Judah, over the Hellenistic Syrians. The day also commemorates the rededication of the Holy Temple in Jerusalem, during the Maccabeen revolt of 2nd century BC. The festival spreads light and cheers everywhere, with music forming an inherent part of the festivities. Some of the peopel also recite poems on the day. In fact, a number of poems have been written for Hanukkah. 'Joyous Hanukkah' is one such poem, which has been written by Eva Grant. It is a sweet short poem, containing details of all the basic traditions associated with the festival.

The poet, Eva Grant, establishes the poem's setting in a house which is filled with the cheer and joy of Hanukkah. The principal food of the festival, pancake is seen sizzling in the house. The poet also brings in the popular game of dreidel, which is extremely popular with children. Exchange of gifts, which forms an integral part of the occasion, has been mentioned in terms of the gifts waiting to be unwrapped. Then, the poet goes on to describe the menorah at length, right form its history to the miracle that took place in the holy temple to the courageous deeds of the Maccabean heroes. We bring you the lyrics of the poem in the lines below.

Joyous Hanukkah

At last! At last! Hanukkah is here!
The whole house is bursting with holiday cheer.

Pancakes are sizzling as hard as they can,
Browning delectably crisp in the pan.
The dreidels can scarcely wait to be spun;
Presents are hidden for Hanukkah fun;

And there, on the table, polished and bright,
The shining menorah gleams through the night,

Like the oil lamp in ancient history,
That burned on and on miraculously!

And each flaming candle proclaims the great story
Of the Maccabean heroes, their deeds and their glory.