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'How Explain the Miracle of Light' by Domenico Scarlatti is a famous Hanukka poem.

How Explain the Miracle of Light

'How Explain the Miracle of Light' is a famous Hanukkah poem written by Domenico Scarlatti. The poem entirely focuses on the tradition of lighting the Menorah. It speaks about the miracles of the Almighty, which can be seen in the historical lighting of the menorah during the rededication of the Holy Temple in Jerusalem. As the title of the poem indicates, the poet is surprised at the miracle and says that there is no one who can ever explain how it happened. He speaks about the mighty power of the Almighty, who can turn out something even from a void.

'How Explain the Miracle of Light' brings into reference the history and tradition associated with the Hanukkah lights. The poem has been written in simple and common language, which makes it interpretable by readers of almost any age group. The flow of the poem is lucid and it has an impressive appeal. It can be recited on the Hanukkah feast to recall the great tradition of the festival. Also, the poem can be taught to children, who can learn significantly about Chanukah, from it. We bring you the great lyrics of the poem in the below lines.

How Explain The Miracle Of Light?

A lamp's a miracle, refueled or no.
Nor is there aught that ought be more than night,
Unless some unmade maker make it so.
Know that nothing is but miracles,
Kindled from the void we know not how;
And God, if God there be, the greatest miracle,
Here within the sepulcher of now