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Read about Halloween family tradition ideas such as pumpkin burial tradition and burying jack o lanterns after Halloween.

Pumpkin Burial

Pumpkin burial is an age old Halloween tradition. Carved pumpkins begin to decay very quickly and do not last a day or two after Halloween. These dying, rotting corpses have a foul smell, attract flies and need to be discarded soon. But, it seems so cruel to just let the hard-worked Pumpkin faces be thrown into trash, without giving them a dignified burial. Many of the people hold Jack-o-lantern parties and pumpkin-carving contests on Halloween and to throw away all the fun moments they share with them seems difficult. So, you can extend the Halloween holiday for one more day and start a new family tradition of giving a proper burial to Jack O' Lanterns, after Halloween night.

It is especially fun for family gatherings and keeps the children interested for one more day, as they dig a grave for burying the pumpkins. This tradition is certain to please the Great Pumpkin. You may even write a special eulogy for these pumpkins. The other fun ideas for pumpkin burial may include putting other Halloween trivia in for the pumpkins, to enjoy let it Halloween in the other world too, just like the pharaohs of the Egypt, who used to be buried with all the treasure, to be used by them in the other world. Halloween confetti, cobwebs and even some candies can join the pumpkins in their graves, as a gift for the departed. May your Jack-o-lanterns rest in peace!

A Simple Eulogy For The Pumpkin

We are gathered here to pay homage to our dearly
Departed Jack O' Lanterns!
Through out their short lives, our Halloween Pumpkins
Have brought both us and our Trick-or-Treaters much joy.
We now consign them to the earth, from whence they came.
May They Rest in Peace!