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One of the witch Halloween parties, witches & wizards brewery party is a Halloween party theme for witches & wizards.

Witches & Wizards Brewery Party

Witches & Wizards are as magical as Halloween. So, why not include them as the theme of your Halloween party! Make sure to plan everything, right from the invites to the decorations to the menu, as per this theme. It would be loved not only by the kids, but even your adult guests. The best part is that you do not need to undertake too much effort as well. To know more about the 'witches & wizards' Halloween theme, read on.

Halloween Party Theme for Witches & Wizards
Decoration Idea
You can also surprise your guests or 'trick or treaters' by simulating a flying witch that has crashed in the tree in your backyard. Ideally, the tree should be easily visible to everybody and have a strong trunk. Take sweatpants and insert two wooden legs that are a few inches longer than the pants in its legs. Spread out the legs on either side of the tree, parallel and 3 or 4 feet above the ground. Leave a few inches of the stick extend towards the witch's back to make her bony hips. Put some old shoes on the bony legs of the witch. Now, nail the broom roughly parallel to the ground to the tree and one of the legs. Nail a trash bag with its strings drawn tightly at the top and bottom on the tree, so that it looks like witch's cape. Put a wig on to of the cape and nail a witch's hat in place.