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A Halloween party is incomplete without creative light decorations. Explore the article to explore Halloween lights and lighting ideas to use them.

Halloween Lights

Lights can be used very creatively to enhance the impact of your Halloween decorations. For a night party, they can play a major role in giving a ghoulish look to your venue. You can simply use a variety of lights to illuminate your home and the outside area to welcome the visitors in the Halloween way. The trick is to employ your imaginations for a smart use of lights. Below listed are some of the popular Halloween lighting ideas. Explore the article to know about light decorations on the festival, at length.

Halloween Decoration Lights

Black Lights
Decorations, props and costumes that have 'glow in the dark' property form an important part of Halloween decorations. They give a purplish or yellowish glow in the dark, when reflected by black lights. You can use 'glow in the dark paint' for decorating your home, or Halloween party venue, with black lights. Make sure that you place them well out of the reach of people or anything inflammable, as they get very hot.

Candle Lights
Candle lights are easily available at hardware stores. Their soft, flickering light appears like a candle flame. On Halloween, you can replace the regular bulbs in your lamps with flickering light bulbs. They look the most beautiful in wall lamps, but you can use them almost anywhere.

Dimmer Switch
Dimmer switches work very well to give a spooky effect to your home or party venue. In fact any room would look scary, once the lights are switched off. You can even make use of colored light bulbs, such as blue or green, for the ultimate Halloween effect.

Spot Lights
Different colored spot lights can be used creatively to light up the Halloween props in a beautiful way. Red spot lights aimed at the spiders on the roof and green spot lights focusing on cemetery in the yard or even an orange spot shining on Dracula's face will make your Halloween setting look simply great.

String Lights
Strings of decorative lights, with plastic figures of pumpkins, ghosts, or other scary Halloween items, are also available at stores. You can place the string lights around your party area inside the house. They can also be placed in the outside of your house, to illuminate the passage way for your guests.

Projector or flash lights can be used to throw a beam on the shadows of the bats or other scary object that you have placed on the walls or outdoors, say on the side of the house. You simply have to cut out bat shapes or other shapes from black paper and do the projector trick.

Christmas Lights
Many people use Christmas lights to illuminate their homes on Halloween. Christmas lights can be used very beautifully to light up the bushes and trees around your house. Orange Christmas lights are a better option than the white ones, to retain the Halloween effect.