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To know the song Father's Day, read on. Check out the Children Of Eden soundtrack given below.

Father's Day

Father's Day gives you the golden opportunity to express your sincere gratitude and innocent love to your dad, who has been a wonderful part of your life. It is the day to celebrate the unique bond shared with the significant man. Music adds pace and substance to any auspicious occasion. So, why should Father's Day be ruled out? Celebrate the day with your father, by playing peppy numbers in your party/get together. You may add color to the celebrations, by performing songs for him. Here in this article, we have provided the lyrics of a popular song, which is perfectly suited for the occasion.

Father's Day
Album: Children Of Eden Soundtrack

Sleeping there like angels
Innocent and simple
I think she's got my nose
I think he's got my dimple

In my own image
From my likeness are they sprung
They will keep me company
They will keep me young

That's what it means to be a Father
Planning their future as you watch your children sleep
That's what it means to be a Father
I never knew that I could feel a love so deep

Well I will be their teacher and I will be their guide
And anything they'll ever need I'll be there to provide
And in return, they'll love me
Stay forever at my side
That's what it means to be a Father

For I have built a universe, spectacular and new
And I sat there in my universe and learned that this was true:
What use is a universe with no one to give it to?
Not a hill of beans
'Til you pass along your genes
That's what it means to be a Father