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Father's Day is the day to express your love for your dad. Go through this article and find a list of the best Father's Day songs.

Best Father's Day Songs

Father's Day is a day to honor your dads. The most wonderful and loving way to honor father's unconditional love for a child is to sing or play a wonderful song for him. A song selected and sung by you can give him so much happiness which any expensive gift will even fail to give. A Father's Day song sung by you is the most earnest and sweetest of all gifts. This way you can more easily convey your love and affection to your dad. Below we are giving you the best songs for Father's Day to choose from. These songs are sure to touch the heart of your dad on this Father's Day.

Best Songs For Father's Day

Daddy's Little Girl
He was the calm in the storm
Daddy kept us warm
(and) What will I do when he's gone
How will I carry on

Yes I know when it's his time to go
That I'll have to grow up too
Oh can't I stay right here
and be daddy's little girl

So how did the years go so fast
Or did we just lose track
So now we can't waste any time
I'll make each moment mine

Yes I know when it's his time to go...

The time keeps moving
Life keeps passing
There's still so much to say
But I will go on
I will be strong
I will find my way

When I look in the face of the child
I see you in her eyes
And we're all so much the same
We'll carry on your name

Yes I know when that you have to go
and I have to grow up too
Oh can't I stay right here and be daddy's little girl
Oh can't I stay right here and be daddy's little girl
- Karla Bonoff

Seein' My Father in Me
Last night we brought the children by to visit their grandpa
And it's plain to see their truly a part of him
While we were there their grandma took out some old photographs
Man he sure looked a lot like me back then

I'm seeing my father in me
I guess that's how it's meant to be
And I find I'm more and more like him each day
I notice I walk the way he walks
I notice I talk the way he talks
I'm starting to see my father in me
And I'm happy to see my father in me

And today I took my wife for a walk down that old dirt road
Where my daddy took my mom so many times
And we found the time to mention things we never had before
And we shared some thoughts about the family life

And now looking back I can recall the times we disagreed
When I could not take hold of his old fashion ways
And the more I tried to prove him wrong the more I proved him right
And now I know why he still stood by me when I went through that stage
- Paul Overstreet