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One of the hit recipes of north India, Peda can be prepared very easily. Learn how to make Peda, with the recipe given in the article.


Diwali brings along with itself immense joy and celebrations. It is a day to burst crackers, decorate the home with bandawars and diyas and feast with all the near and dear ones. People in different parts of the country make different kinds of sweet dishes on festive occasions out of which Kheer, Jalebi, Sheera, Ladoo and Peda are the most common sweets. Peda, a scrumptious white khoya recipe is generally loved by everybody. It is not even very difficult to make. So if you want to try some sweet recipe, you can try the Peda recipe given below.

Peda Recipe

Given above is the basic recipe. Any color (yellow, orange, green, cochineal), essence (pineapple, orange, pista, chocolate), topping (almonds, walnuts, cashews), can be added to the recipe. You can also add any of following for varied flavors: cashew powder 1/2 cup, cocoa 2 tbsp (then increase sugar by 1/2 cup), walnuts powdered 1/2 cup, etc.