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Diwali Milan is a gathering wherein family and friends reconnect to rejuvenate the social ties. Learn about Deepavali gatherings, in the article.

Diwali Milan

Diwali Milan
Diwali, the festival of lights and firecrackers, is a perfect occasion to revive personal relationships and social ties. Indians all over the world celebrate this festival with great enthusiasm. The festivities associated with this festival encourage people to socialize and interact with each other. Such reunions are popularly called 'Diwali Milan'. The series of ceremonious occasions that Diwali brings with itself gives an opportunity to the people to pay visits to their relatives, friends, neighbors and business associates and exchange sweets and gifts with them. Go through the following lines to know more about Diwali Milan.

Diwali Milan is a significant affair, as it is the time when younger people express respect to the elder one and the latter shower blessings upon the former. A special friendly and pleasant atmosphere is created all around, where every one is busy greeting, wishing and exchanging gifts with one another. The 'Grihalakshmi' (leading woman of a family) prepares lots of snacks and sweets at home, especially for serving on Diwali Milan gatherings. The women share these snacks and sweets with their guests as well as their families. Thus, people cherish the sweet memories of this festival by sweetening each other's mouth with mouthwatering variety of eatables.

Till some time back, Diwali Milan was just the formal affair of paying a visit to the acquaintances' home and exchange gifts and sweets with them. As the time has changed and so has the trend, Diwali Milan has now taken the shape of a party, rather than just being a family get together. Enthralling parties are arranged by people, just a weekend before the festival, a few days prior to it or on the day itself (in some cases). Party halls are booked several days before the event. On the other extent, if it is a traditional family get together, then the host(s) would arrange a lavish dinner for the guests.

If you are planning to arrange a Diwali Milan for your close friends, relatives and business associates, then consider spending for the occasion wisely. In case you are planning to organize a lunch or dinner, then plan it beforehand. Be sure to select the food and beverages according to the general taste and preferences of the guests. Include one or two varieties of sweets in your menu. You may arrange some Diwali party games for the guests. Since Diwali is known for the game of playing cards, you may arrange it on the occasion, but be sure not to involve the bet of money in the game. At the end of the get together/party, you may present favors to your guests, such as, dinner set, table cloth, timepiece, photo frame, gift baskets, sweets etc.