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Ghathia is a crunchy snack that can be prepared in no time. Explore the article and get the recipe for Ghatia.


On the occasion of Diwali when everybody around is busy making sweet dishes, tasty, crunchy and salty Ghathia or Namak Pare are great relief. Though it is not full time dish, it can be used as snacks and munchies anytime anywhere. Ghathias are like finger chips in shape. Made of either white flour or maida, the Ghathias are light snacks which can be served alone or along with any sweet dish like Gujiya or Gulab Jamun. Preparing a Ghathiya is a very less time taking and hassle free task. So even if you want to be prepare something crunchy and scrumptious without much effort, here is the recipe of the universally liked Ghathias.

Ghathia Recipe