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Diwali celebrations are marked by beautiful decoration of the homes using lamps. Learn how to decorate with lanterns for Deepavali, in the article.

Diwali Lamps

Diwali Lamps
Illuminating the homes and premises with beautiful earthen diyas, on the festival of lights - Diwali - is a good old tradition. The traditional oil lamp - diya remains the center of attraction of the occasion. It has evolved from being a brown colored clay lamp to colorful lamp, made of different materials. While earthen diyas is the traditional way of illuminating the homes and premises on the festival, today, with competition and the varying needs of the people, electronic lamps have occupied the shelves in the market. A lot of variety is provided by the manufacturers, which helps the consumers to choose according to their need.

Diwali Lamp Decoration
There is a wide variety of designer and decorative lanterns available in the market that can be customized to suit the individual taste and requirements. The lanterns are designed magnificently. Low voltage luminaries such as handcrafted lanterns, post lanterns, wall lanterns, hanging lanterns, landscape lanterns and chandeliers are in hot trend. The lanterns are available for a number of materials, metals like copper or brass being the most common. Some of the lanterns are also exquisitely made from good quality cotton, decorated with embroidered star motifs, hanging thread or small decorative mirrors.

You may also opt for paper lanterns to decorate your home on the festival of Diwali. Paper lanterns can be made in a number of patterns. Both intricate and simple designs for paper lanterns look very attractive. Apart from the decorative lanterns, the lamps used for aarti form an important part of the rituals of Diwali. On the occasion, people indulge themselves in worshipping their favorite deity, sing bhajans and perform a number of pujas. It is a customary to culminate the pujas with aarti. Aarti is performed by showing lamps (deep) to the deity and singing aarti songs. For the purpose, you may purchase attractive lamps.

Deepavali Lantern Ideas
Depending upon your budget, you may choose a lot of variety of Diwali lamps. You may purchase middle sized deep that is divided into three or more steps, each step having space to illuminate five to seven wicks. Aarti lamps with artistic handles, provided with majestic pedestal stands are the popular choice in the present time. Apart from using them for aarti, you may place them at the center of your doorstep and surround them with earthen diyas. This is a nice way to welcome Goddess Lakshmi on the occasion of Diwali.