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Unique and delicious food is prepared for Diwali, whose recipes are easy to follow. In this section, we have given some easy receipes for Diwali.

Diwali Recipes

Diwali is the festival of lights, crackers and sweets. Days before the festival, the females of the family start preparing traditional delicacies for the family and friends. On Diwali, there is a custom to exchange sweets to the friends and neighbors that is why Diwali can’t even be imagined without sweets and savories that are specially made at home. The list of Diwali special sweets is exhaustive. Gulab Jamun, Gajar Ka Halwa, Besan Ke Ladoo, Karanji and Jalebis are the most commonly made sweets on this occasion.

Apart from sweet dishes, there are several other delicacies that are made on the occasion of Diwali, Dahi-bhalle and Ghathiya are the two most popular of them. The Diwali cuisines also depend upon the culture and family traditions. From north to south and east to west India, several mouth watering delights are prepared in various manners depending upon the prevailing custom and taste of the family members. Here we have provided you with the recipes of few traditional mouth watering recepies. We have also listed some of the unusual Diwali recipes. Now you can try your hand at these too!

Badam Phirni
On the occasion of Diwali, no Indian family can do without sweet dishes. Most of the families prefer making things that are liked by every body. Though the list of those universally liked Indian dishes is exhaustive, one sweet dish that we are going to tell you here is the ‘Badam Phirni’. Mostly made of almond, rice flour and milk, the Badam Phirni is scrumptious and fulfilling.

Gulab Jamun
Diwali seems imperfect without umpteen varieties of sweet and scrumptious dishes. Though there are lots of sweet dishes that you can prepare on Diwali, the lip-smacking Gulab Jamun has no substitute. Liked by almost everybody, there are sweet softballs with delightful aroma and luscious taste.

Diwali brings along with itself immense joy and celebrations. It is a day to burst crackers, decorate the home with bandawars and diyas and feast with all the near and dear ones. People in different parts of the country make different kinds of sweet dishes on festive occasions out of which Kheer, Jalebi, Sheera, Ladoo

Besan Ke Ladoo
Ladoos are one of the most liked Indian sweets. Be it a festive occasion or any pooja at home, any happy moment in an Indian family is incomplete without a ladoo. On the occasion of Diwali, ladoo is of special significance because it is considered auspicious to offer ladoo to Lord Ganesha at the Lakshmi-Ganesh Poojan.

Diwali is incomplete without sweet and scrumptious dishes. One of the most delicious of them is the sugar dipped, beautiful and orange Jalebis. In a country like India where umpteen varieties of sweets are available, Jalebi is a universal favorite. Not only on Holi, Diwali or any festive occasions, Jalebi is something which is included in the regular diet of all the people born with a sweet tooth.

On the occasion of lights- Diwali-people enjoy feasting on mouthwatering recipes. Since there is a practice of exchange of sweets on this occasion, it has almost become a custom in every family to prepare umpteen numbers of scrumptious traditional sweets and distribute them amongst relatives and neighbors. People generally prefer making sweets that are universally liked.

Channar Payesh
On the occasion of Diwali unlike every year when you are busy making Gujiya and Gajar Ka Halwa, you must try something new this time. The new dish given here is Channar Payesh and it is made up of condensed milk, nuts and raisins. A mouthwatering delight to all the dairy products lover, the Channar Payesh is a very easy-to-make kind of recipe. The Channar Payesh tastes the best when it is served chilled.

On the occasion of Diwali people all over the country prepare best dishes at their home. There are so many varieties of Diwali dishes that it is difficult of decide what to make and what not! However, the salty and yummy Dahi-bhalle and the sweet and scrumptious Karanji are the two special dishes that do not have a substitute on Diwali.

Rawa Ladoo
On the festival of lights - Diwali - preparing delicious sweets is a very old tradition. People indulge themselves in making lip smacking sweets, to serve them to their guests and exchange as gifts. Ladoo is a very popular Indian sweet, which has a number of variety. Rawa ladoo is one such variant, which is easy to make as well as tastes delicious.

Doodh Pak
Diwali is an occasion you can get to taste umpteen numbers of sweet dishes. Though Jalebi, Gujiya, Gulab Jamun and Gajar ka Halwa are well known and commonly seen of Diwali, Doodh Pak, an equally scrumptious dish is a little less known. Made of almond and milk, it is mostly popular in north and west India. Loved by people who relish on dairy products, the Doodh Pak makes an excellent dessert.

Kesar Kaju Barfi
On the occasion of Diwali, every Indian home is full of umpteen numbers of sweet delicacies. One of the most popular amongst them is the Kesar Kaju Burfi. Also known as Kaju Katli, it is a diamond-shaped sweet, made of cashew nuts and sugar. As this sweet dish is moderately sweet in taste and rich with scrumptious taste of cashew-nuts, it is preferred by all the people who do not like extremely sugary items.

Shakkarpare is a melt-in-the-mouth sweet, made especially on festivals in India. On the occasion of Diwali, people in northern parts of the country enjoy making shakkar pare, an easy to make recipe, which doesn’t require too many ingredients. Moreover, you can relish on the sweet for many days, because it has a long shelf life.

Gajar Ka Halwa
When we talk is about Indian desserts, one name that undoubtedly comes into every person's mind is the traditional Gajar ka halwa prepared on every Indian home in almost all the festivals. On the occasion of Diwali, Gajar ka Halwa is an unavoidable part of the menu. When served hot, the Gajar Ka Halwa tastes wonderful.

Diwali is a festival of crackers, lights and sweets. Every Indian home is flooded with sweet dishes on the occasion of Diwali. Thousand varieties of sweet dishes are prepared by the many families residing in the country. However, out of them, the one dish that remains special for every one is the traditional 'kheer'. Made up of rice, milk and various kinds of dry fruits, kheer is one of the most popular Indian desserts.

On the occasion of Diwali when everybody around is busy making sweet dishes, tasty, crunchy and salty Ghathia or Namak Pare are great relief. Though it is not full time dish, it can be used as snacks and munchies anytime anywhere. Ghathias are like finger chips in shape. Made of either white flour or maida, the Ghathias are light snacks which can be served alone or along with any sweet dish like Gujiya or Gulab Jamun.

Diwali is a festival of sweets, lights and crackers. On this occasion, every India house is flooded with variety of sweets. However, the variety of sweets depend upon the culture and taste of the region as if people in South India make Mysore Pak, Kesari, Rava Ladoo, Pongal, Payasam, Badhusa and in North India people make ladoos, Jalebi, Kheer, Kaju barfi, halwa etc.

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