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Preparing Doodh Pak would be the best bet, if you want to satisfy the sweet tooth of your loved ones on Diwali. Get the recipe for Doodh Pak here.

Doodh Pak

Diwali is an occasion you can get to taste umpteen numbers of sweet dishes. Though Jalebi, Gujiya, Gulab Jamun and Gajar ka Halwa are well known and commonly seen of Diwali, Doodh Pak, an equally scrumptious dish is a little less known. Made of almond and milk, it is mostly popular in north and west India. Loved by people who relish on dairy products, the Doodh Pak makes an excellent dessert. Not only tasty, its also very stuffing and fulfilling, that is why it is also a nice recipe for fasting days. Easy to make and wonderful to taste, what all can you ask for? Read on the recipe below and try this recipe out.

Doodh Pak Recipe

Tip: You can use 1/2 cup rice instead of almonds. If using rice, soak it in warm water for 45 minutes and grind to a fine paste.