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While performing the aarti to praise Aadya Shakti Ma, a song is sung by the devotees. Explore Jaya Aadya Shakti Ma aarti song, in the article.

Jaya Aadya Shakti Ma Aarti

Puja is an important ritual in Hindu culture. It marks the beginning as well as the culmination of many customs. Pooja finds prominence in various Hindu festivals, such as Durga Pooja, Diwali, Dussehra etc. The ritual is regarded as the most convincing way to invoke a deity and seek his/her blessings. This is the reason why special arrangements are made for a pooja, so that the proceedings are carried on smoothly. Taking about the proceedings, aarti is an important part of pooja. Arti is performed at the end of every puja. When the aarti is done, the devotees would sing an aarti song, especially dedicated to the diety. In this article, we have given Jaya Aadya Shakti Ma aarti, sung in praise of Ma Shakti.

Jai Aadya Shakti Ma Arti

Jaya aadya shakti, ma jaya aadya shakti
Akhand brhamand dipavya, panave pragatya ma
Om jayo jayo ma jagdambe

Dwitiya mehsarup shivshakti janu, ma shivshakti janu
Brahma ganapti gaye, brahma ganapti gaye
Hardayi har ma
Om jayo jayo ma jagdambe

Trutiya tran sarup tribhuvan ma betha, ma tribhuvan ma betha
Daya thaki karveli, daya thaki karveli
Om jayo jayo ma jagdambe

Chouthe chatura malaxmi ma, sachrachal vyapya
Char bhuja cho disha, char bhuja cho disha
Pragtya dakshin ma
Om jayo jayo ma jagdambe

Panchame panchrushi panchami gunpadma, ma panchami gunpadma
Panchtatv tya soshiye, panchtatv tya soshiye
Panchetatvo ma
Om jayo jayo ma jagdambe

Shashthi tu narayani mahishasur maryo, ma mahishasur maryo
Narnari na rupe, narnari na rupe
Vyapaya saghale ma
Om jayo jayo ma jagdambe

Saptami sapt patal sandhya savitri, ma sandhya savitri
Gau ganga gayatri, gau ganga gayatri
Gauri geeta ma
Om jayo jayo ma jagdambe

Ashthmi ashtha bhujao ayi ananda, ma ayi ananda
Sunivar munivar janamya, sunivar munivar janamya
Dev daityoma
Om jayo jayo ma jagdambe

Navmi navkul nag seve navadurga, ma seve navadurga
Navratri na pujan, shivratri na archan
Kidha har brahma
Om jayo jayo ma jagdambe

Dashmi dash avtaar jay vijyalaxmi, ma jay vijyalaxmi
Rame ravan marya, rame ravan marya
Ravan maryo ma
Om jayo jayo ma jagdambe

Ekadashi agiyar tatyanikama, ma tatyanikama
Kaldurga kalika, kaldurga kalika
Shama ne vama
Om jayo jayo ma jagdambe

Barase kala rup bahuchar amba ma, ma bahuchar amba ma
Asur bhairav souie, kal bhairav soiye
Tara chhe tuj ma
Om jayo jayo ma jagdambe

Terase tulja rup tu tarunimata, ma tu tarunimata
Brahma vishnu sadashiv, brahma vishnu sadashiv
Gun tara gata
Om jayo jayo ma jagdambe

Shivbhakti ni aarati je koi gaye, ma je koi gaye
Bhane shivannad swami, bhane shivannad swami
Sukh sampati pashe,
Har kaileshe jashe
Ma amba dukh harashe
Om jayo jayo ma jagdambe