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Funny Teacher Poem are a form of light humor. In this section we present some funny poems about teachers.

Funny Poems For A Teacher

On Teacher's Day, apart from celebrating the occasion in a serious manner, you can have a lot of fun too, with your teachers. Throwing a party is a nice idea, because it would set the mood for fun filled enjoyment. At that moment, you can banish the barrier between teachers and students and allow them to enjoy dancing, eating food and having a lot of fun with each other. To boost the party spirits in each of them, you may arrange some fun filled activities, games and competitions. Writing funny poems would be a great way to pass the time. So, organize a competition, wherein your friends and teachers have to write funny poems for each other, which sound humorous, at the same time, don't humiliate anybody. If you are looking for some ideas for writing funny poetry for Teacher's Day, then check out the following lines.

Funny Poetry For Teachers

english Lecture Coma

I think I know
What it feels like to slip into a coma.
I am sitting,
My teacher is rambling,
And my senses are going.
I slip
- James Grengs

Bored To Death

I am in class taking anatomy & physiology lecture
Oh! I am so tired I can not even stare at the teacher
He is so talkative & talks too much, as he has a PHD in literature
I can not even take a note, I do not care
I can not wait to see him walk out through the door.
Monday is always boring
But, not as boring as that old slim teacher, who moves like a string
I can't take it anymore shall ask permission
- Leila Light

Where do all the teachers go?

Where do all the teachers go
When its four o'clock?
Do they live in houses
And do they wash their socks?

Do they wear pajamas?
And do they watch TV?
And do they pick their noses
The same as you and me?

Do they live with other people
Have they mums and dads?
And were they ever children
And were they ever bad?

Did they ever, never spell right
Did they ever make mistakes?
Were they punished in the corner
If they pinched the chocolate flakes?

Did they ever lose their hymn books
Did they ever leave their greens?
Did they ever scribble on the desktop
Did they wear old dirty jeans?

I'll follow one back home today
I'll find out what they do
Then I'll put it in a poem
That they can read to you.
- Peter Dixon