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The article brings you some very romantic and love-filled New Year poems. You can use these love poetry for New year in greeting cards.

New Year Love Poems

New Year is a joyous occasion that ignites romantic passions and feelings of love. It is just one of those perfect occasions, when you can express your love for someone or just convey someone's importance in your life. Poems can greatly assist you in doing poetic justice with your feelings. They are so many New Year poems drenched in the spirit of romance, which can convey your heartfelt feelings in a fresh and dreamy way. Use them to tell your beloved how special he/she is for you. Read on to find some truly romantic love poetry for New Year.

Romantic Poems For New Year

A Brand New Love

Late at night
My thoughts drift to you
And of our love
That is brand new

I think of all
We've shared thus far
Every dream we wished
Upon a star

Making memories
You and I
Our spirits soar
To reach the sky

To thank the one
From Heaven above
Who blessed us with
This wondrous love
- Shirley H. Brunson

I Think I'm In Love With You

I don't know what to say
Or even what to do
All I no is that
I think I'm in love with you
Every time I hold you close
Or put your hand in mine
I feel like just maybe
I won't let go this time
I know that you don't see it
But it's a feeling all so new
I don't know what's happening
But I think I'm in love with you
I want to tell you how I feel
To let you no It's true
That maybe just maybe
I'm in love with you
This may sound crazy I know
But I needed to let it out
Because there is something there
I know without a doubt
So stop treating me like a toy
I'm a person too
I need you to realize my feelings
I think I'm in love with you
- By Justin Kraft

A Beauty that Shines

I look at you and what do I see.
I see a beauty that shines and a heart that glows.
I Look into your eyes and what do I see.
A great peace and gentleness that abides within.
A look at your smile, smiling sweetly at me.
I see a joy that flows and a happiness the grows.
I sit at my computer thinking of you.
How far across the you seem to be.
I sit and I think, while I am thinking of you.
Are u thinking of me.

- A Beauty