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Here are some thoughtful quotes to begin your New Year on a considerate note.

New Year Quotes

New Year is the time to indulge in some soul-searching and retrospection. A year is gone by and we are ready to usher in a new year and this certainly calls for some reflection on the bygone times and a fresh perspective on the coming moments. New Year brings new hopes and fresh beginning in our lives. It is also the right time for introspection and dwelling upon the course of our lives. Meaningful quotes by famous personalities can really help one a lot in this soul-probing exercise on New Year. Thoughtful sayings have a great uplifting strength which is really needed at a time when another year has passed by, leaving us with mixed feelings.

New Year is an extremely joyous occasion but at the same time, it can also make us think, analyze and find new perspectives. Some really nice and thought provoking quotes can force you think about life in a different way. Quotes that are inspirational, motivating and funny can also be used to send your friends some great messages and wish them a happy and prosperous New Year in a different style. You can also use these well-meant New Year quotes in a personalized greeting of yours and give it to your loved ones to make them feel special. New Year is best wished in a meaningful way and quotes will help your recipients to adopt a more thoughtful attitude towards the day.

Christian New Year Quotes
New Year is nothing less than a festival that is enthusiastically celebrated across the world. People bid adieu to the passing year and welcome the upcoming year in a grand way. New Year marks fresh beginnings and new attitudes, by leaving the past behind. Wishes on New Year have a special importance, as it is a spirited occasion that calls for exchange of genuine feelings.

New Year Eve Quotes
New Year is a spirited occasion, marked with grand celebrations and partying big time. It is the time when people bid goodbye to the passing year and usher in the New Year with great zeal and enthusiasm. It is one of the most festive occasions across the world and there is hardly any country where the day is not celebrated in a splendid way.

Funny New Year Quotes
The festive occasion of New Year is associated with fun-filled activities and humor. In fact, New Year fun is mostly inspired from the humorous resolutions made by people and their annual failure to live up to their brave declarations. In fact, many a times resolutions fail to survive even for a week. There are many famous personalities who have made some really funny statements about New Year (many of them inspired from resolutions!), which are worth reading.

Inspirational New Year Quotes
New Year is marked by fresh beginnings and novel inspirations. It is the time to adopt a positive attitude towards life and bid good bye to the passing year. New Year is one of the many occasions when you can send inspiring wishes to your loved ones, to lift their mood for the coming year. Inspirational quotes never run out of favor and New Year is a fitting occasion to inspire people to look forward in life and raise their hopes.

Short New Year Quotes
New Year is a festive occasion that is associated with a joyous spirit and grand merriment. People usher in the New Year with sheer optimism and great faith, to mark a fresh beginning in their lives. Wishes assume significant importance on any festival, which holds true for New Year as well. People want to send the most soulful and expressive wishes to their loved ones, to convey how much they care.