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New Year's Eve is the evening before New Year. Explore this article to know about the New Year's Eve celebrations around the world.

New Year's Eve

New Year Eve is the time to bid adieu to the present year and welcome the next one. It is observed on December 31 all over the world, the final day of a Georgian Year. The common sightings of the day include public and social gatherings, late night partying, feasting, exchanging gifts and fireworks. It's the time to welcome the New Year whole heartedly and pray to the almighty that it remains successful all through. Many cultures use fireworks and other noise-making as part of the celebration, to get away the evil. The universal celebration encircles every heart with joy. Smiles on every face and hugs and kisses form a part of celebration. Every continent, country and city in the world drapes in the colors of New Year celebration. Read on to know how popular countries celebrate New Year eve.

New Year's Eve Celebrations

If you would love to spend your New Year's Eve amidst peace and calm, Albania is the right place for you. It offers its visitor an opportunity to welcome the coming year away from wild parties, night life and grand carnivals. The local music, dance festival and a tour to some exotic places is its USP.

Contrary to what Albania has in its lap for the tourists, Australia has its celebrations with a theme displayed in light shows and large symbols, accompanied with marvelous fireworks at Sydney Harbour Bridge. The perfect celebration for party lovers!

Brazil celebrates the New Year Even by dressing in white to bring in good luck. The celebrations are accompanied by large fireworks display at midnight and famous singers being a part of the event. It is known as Reveillon and marks the beginning of summer holidays.

Ecuador follows some interesting and unique tradition on New Year's Eve. Elaborate effigies are created to represent the events and people of past year, from straw, cloth and fire crackers, and burnt at midnight. The tradition is similar to British Guy Fawkes Night. Other rituals include eating 12 grapes and making a wish with each one of them, wearing yellow underwear to attract positive energies for New Year and walking around the block with suitcase to bring the journey of their dreams.

United Kingdom
The firework celebrations in United Kingdom centre in Edinburgh, London. Cannon are fired at the Edinburgh Castle at the stroke of midnight and are followed by a large fireworks display on the London Eye, with the time being announced by the Big Ben.

Mexicans make a wish with each grape during the New Year countdown with each of the twelve chimes of the bell. A tradition of wearing red underwear is meant for those who want to find love in the New Year wear and yellow if they want money. They sweep out the dirt, take luggage outside as a symbol of future trips, and hang sheep dolls (made out of wool) on the doorknob for prosperity.