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New Year is the ideal time for organizing theme parties. Here are some Ideas for New Year theme parties

New Year Theme Parties

New Year is synonymous with fun and partying. It is a joyous occasion, when people are in the mood of merry-making and celebrations. New Year enthusiasts organize theme parties on the day, to double the fun. Organizing a theme party requires a skillful combination of imagination, uniqueness and variety. Theme parties are gaining much popularity among the party buffs. Anyone, irrespective of one's age, can enjoy theme parties to the hilt. There are various ideas for conducting theme parties on New Year. Some of the most popular ones are as follows:

Themes For New Year Party

Famous Cinema Characters
This is one of the most tried and tested ideas for a theme party. Everyone loves to dress up as their favorite cinema personality and this is an occasion where they can realize the dream of dressing up as James bond, Sherlock Holmes, Amitabh Bachchan (complete with his famous beard!), Dev Anand (with his famous swagger and scarf around the neck!) and lots more. So what are you going to be this New Year?

Traditional Theme
Traditional themes are also interesting for a New Year party. This one does not really require any kind of preparation in advance. Just tell everyone to be in his or her traditional best and be sure that they will have at least two dresses for the occasion in hand.

Circus Theme
Circus theme can be a very exciting and youngsters are surely going to love it. It is an opportunity to spread color and humor around the party and make it lively, by telling everyone to come dressed as colorful clowns, trapeze artists, ringmasters and different animals. The guests will have a very cheerful and fun-loving attitude for such a theme party.

Fairytale Characters
A fairytale-themed New Year party will be something to watch out for. Tell your guests to dress up as fairies, sailors, pirates, cartoons, etc. It will bring out the creative streak in your guests and they will take pride in dressing up and portraying their favorite character. Imagine a party with so many fairies and angles around to give you company! Interesting, right!

Disco Theme
Disco is the perfect theme for a foot tapping New Year gala event. You can go for a great mix of songs from the 70s or 80s and some contemporary music. Your guests can come dressed up in disco shirts and disco suits, teamed up with bell bottom trousers, for that retro look. A great theme for those who love dancing on some fast numbers!

Political Theme
A political theme may be a little unusual for New Year party, but it's certainly different and will make for some great fun. Come dressed as your favorite politician from the past or present and rock the party in a patriotic style!