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Pack your bags as we bring you some of the most popular Holiday Spots for New Year.

New Year Holiday Ideas

Welcome the New Year amidst scenic and breathtaking locales. What could be better than greeting the New Year with your beloved, or your family, in a place that is no less beautiful than Paradise! So get ready to experience one of the best New Year's in your lifetime. Given below is a list of some of the most popular destinations around the world that one can visit during the New Year. So�what are you waiting for? All you have to do is pack your bags and head off to the nearest location of your choice.

Popular New Year Holiday Spots

The Caribbean Islands
Imagine yourself on the sea shore, watching the last sunset of this year hand in hand with your beloved. Yes�it is possible! Head off to the Caribbean Islands and experience all modern comforts with the natural essence. You can find private resorts to pamper yourself as well. So, usher in the New Year in style.

New York (Times Square)
Every New Year, Times Square in New York gets ready to celebrate the occasion with grandeur and style. The famous lowering of the Ball has been a popular tradition since many years. Be there if you want to enjoy the celebration and greet the New Year with thousands of others irrespective of their origin and background.

Beautiful landscapes, amazing weather and warm people! What more could you ask for on the occasion of New Year! The Dutch are quite famous for their warm hospitality and chivalry. Apart from that, they love celebrating New Year with joy and style. In the center of the city lies the Dam Square, that is elaborately decorated for the New Year. One can enjoy endless beer and fireworks there, which are a major attraction during the New Year.

Easter Islands
One of the remotest places on earth, the Easter Islands is located off the coast of Chile. These islands are famous for the giant Moai statues, which have many mysterious theories surrounding them. But the islands are plentiful in beautiful locales and breathtaking views of the sea. The perfect location to say "Happy New Year" to your beloved!

One of the best ways to greet the New Year is with your ever-excited kids. And they will surely love to welcome the New Year along with Mickey and Donald! Head off to the Disneyland with your kids and you will have one of the best New Year's of your lifetime. Your kids will love you for this.

Cruise Locations
This New Year, enjoy the sea waves by going on a cruise. There are many options available nowadays, which can be availed to the best possible use. Some of the most sought-after cruise locations include the Bahamas, the Mediterranean, Coast of Mexico, the Caribbean, the Panama Canal and the Bermuda. There are many ships that offer special New Year cruises for those who want to enjoy the serene and calm of the sea and welcome the New Year in style. So, get ready to go on a cruise with your loved ones and have a great New Year!