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Its New Year again as 2021 approaches.
The yellow leaves, bare trees, morning chill, all signify just one thing now - New Year is on its way again! Soon, the air will be filled with greetings of "Happy New Year" all around the world. New Year is a widely celebrated holiday around the world. People, young and old, look forward to this occasion with equal anticipation, eagerness and excitement. It is one of the oldest celebrated holidays in the world and people celebrate this day in the grandest of ways, splurging on shopping and food royally. The day is marked with a shining optimism for the rest of the year.

While the date of regional New Year celebrations varies in different countries of the world, the first day on the Gregorian calendar i.e. January 1 is celebrated as the New Year almost throughout the globe. Another contemporary practice that has developed over the years is celebrating the New Year's Eve, which falls on December 31st, a day before New Year. It is basically celebrated to commemorate the by-gone year and usher in the New Year with optimism and faith. People indulge in partying with family and friends and there are splendid displays of fireworks at the stroke of midnight.

Wishing everyone and feasting in a grand manner marks the beginning of New Year. It's an occasion to enjoy and spread well-being all around, as it marks fresh beginnings and new outlooks. It is a day to make resolutions, which are followed by an attempt to stick to them throughout the year. New Year 2021 will be an event to watch out for. Since it is falling on a Friday, the weekend to follow will surely see some great festivities. There will be extravagance and grandeur all around as ever. Splendor will be the key word as the whole world gets united yet again, to usher in the New Year in style.