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Drinks on New Year are absolutely essential to set the right mood for everyone. Read further to know more on New Year cocktails and drinks.

New Year Drinks

No New Year party is complete without drinks. In fact, it is one of the very few occasions when people don't stop to count how many pegs they have had. While buying drinks from stores is always an option, you can also go for some wonderful homemade drinks to treat your guests. The kind of drink that is served in your New Year Party speaks volumes about the fact that you genuinely take pains to make your guests feel at home. Also, keep in mind the fact that some of your guests might be driving back home after the party, so make drinks that are not highly alcoholic in nature. The recipes of some preferred drinks that can be served during the New Year are given below. Try them for this New Year party and make it affair to remember.

Drink Recipes For New Year

For Children & Non-Alcoholics

Fresh Ginger Ale

Mildly Alcoholic Drinks

Pina Colada

Blend all the above mentioned ingredients with some crushed ice and serve chilled, in a hurricane glass.

Blue Lagoon

How To Make
While making the above-mentioned alcoholic beverages, you can increase the ratio of alcohol according to the preferences of your guest. However, they will taste best with the given proportions.