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Given below is information on Chinese New Year 2013, also called the Chinese Lunar New year.

Chinese New Year

Chinese New year is an elaborate event, which lasts for a total of 15 days. It is also known as the Chinese Lunar New Year and is celebrated traditionally with family and friends. Chinese New Year is an event that is celebrated internationally and marked by elaborate festivity. Since red is an auspicious color, red packets with sweets are distributed to everyone. Chinese New Year is also marked with extensive display of fireworks, feasting and dancing as well. One can see the famous Lion Dances and Dragon Dances on the occasion. The first week of Chinese New Year is very important and is dedicated to all family members and friends.

Traditionally, an elaborate feast is prepared in each household on Chinese New Year, to pay respect and tribute to ancestors and all those who have passed away. All traditional food items, like chicken, fish, noodles, and rice, are cooked on the day. The noodles should be uncut as they symbolize a long life. Any white food item, such as curd, is not to be included, as the color white is unlucky and symbolizes death. Rice is taken with chicken and other foods and also in the form of sweet pudding. A traditional vegetarian item called "Jai" is also prepared in all households, on Chinese New Year, and has significant value. It is a combination of various fibrous roots, like lotus seeds, gingko biloba nuts, bamboo shoots, etc, which signify wealth and abundance.

The Chinese New Year begins with visits to friends and loved ones and greeting them with good luck. All members of the household take part in the celebration with great enthusiasm and fervor. The event ends with the Lantern Festival, which falls on the 15th day. The kids enjoy this day in particular. They move around with friends and family members, carrying colorful and brightly-lit lanterns and are very excited all throughout the day. All said and done, Chinese New Year is an occasion to thank family members and friends and most importantly God, for being generous to them and pray that they and others have a great year ahead.

Chinese New Year Dates
Chinese calendar is based on the combined movement of the lunar and solar cycles. This is the reason why the Chinese New Year falls on a different date every year.