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There are many New Year Superstitions that have been popular with people around the world.

New Year Superstitions

As much as New Year is associated with a joyous spirit, it is also known for some myths and symbols attached with it. In fact, no New Year is complete without talking about the superstitions and legends that surround it. As time goes by, people told new stories and make-believe tales about the New Year. They make good stuff for great time-pass! Some of the most popular New Year supersititons have been given below. It's a popular belief that what we do on the first day of the New Year affects our entire year. So choose your legend carefully!

New Year Legends

Kissing At The Midnight Stroke
One of most popular beliefs around the world is to kiss your beloved and dear ones at the stroke of midnight. It exudes warmth and affection and shows how much you care for your loved ones. It is said that those who fail to do so will have cold relations with their loved ones for one full year.

Settling Old And Unpaid Bills
New Year should not begin with unsettled amounts and unpaid debts. It is always said that all money settlements should be dealt with before the old year closes. It is the time to bury the foregone and begin afresh, hence one should take care that debts are paid off before January 1.

Brand New Clothes
It is believed that one should begin the New Year by wearing brand new clothes. Not only is it auspicious, but it also ensures that you have a steady flow of new clothes for the entire year, to jazz up your wardrobe!

Loud Noises
Greet the New Year by making loud noises. Not only would you enjoy doing that, but also it is believed that it scares away evil spirits, thus ensuring you have a hassle free New Year.

Letting Out Money
Make sure that you don't pay back loans or lend money to anyone on January 1. It indicates that you shall be paying all year long and money would be flowing out, instead of the other way around.

Born on 1st January
It is said that babies born on the 1st of January will always have luck and prosperity on their side.

Damage and Wreckage
Make sure you don't break or wreck anything on the New Year. If you do, you shall have a damaging New Year. In other words, it indicates that 'wreck' will be your companion for the New Year. It is also recommended that you remain happy and cheerful on the first day of the year as it ensures that you shall have a cheerful year ahead.

First Visitor: It is a popular belief that the first person who enters your abode indicates and influences the kind of year you will have ahead. It is considered lucky if a tall, dark-haired man sets his foot in your house on the New Year. Such a visitor should be greeted warmly and treated generously. It is even better if he gets a gift for you. Some of the luckiest gifts include a silver coin, a lump of coal, piece of bread, etc. Blondes and Redheads are supposed to bring bad luck, so keep them away. Also, it is bad-luck if a woman enters your home first, so try to keep them away too, even if that requires not opening the door!

Black Eyed Peas
The black-eyed peas are considered a symbol of good-luck and are usually combined with cabbage or turnip greens, which symbolize money. Hence, eating a combination of black-eyed peas and either of cabbage or turnip greens ensures that you have a great prosperous New Year and the following days are equally joyous.