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People in Australia welcome New Year with absolute zeal and enthusiasm in celebrations. Read on to know all about celebrating New Year in Australia.

New Year in Australia

Like most parts of the world, New Year is celebrated with great zeal and enthusiasm in Australia as well. In the country, the celebrations start from December 31 and continue till the 6th of January. New Year is a public holiday in Australia and people congregate with their near and dear ones to celebrate the occasion together. People often go out for picnic, surfing, camping, water sports and other forms of outing, to spend time in the most wonderful manner. There are magnificent firework displays during the celebration as well, which form the main attraction of the festivity.

New Year Celebrations In Australia
In Australia, New Year celebrations are undertaken on a grand scale, especially in the cities of Sydney and Melbourne. One can see more than 80,000 fireworks lighting the famous Sydney Harbor Bridge. These fireworks can be seen within a radius of 16 km around the city. Over 1.5 million people gather to see the New Year fireworks every year. These fireworks last for 15 to 25 minutes and leave the audience with a memorable experience. Apart from that, there are several music shows organized at different beaches in Sydney.

Many other performances are conducted to grace the occasion of New Year. The Sydney Council organizes memorable vocalists and soundtracks which match the aura of celebration. Every year, there are beach parties organized in Sydney. Those who cannot go to the beach organize parties at home. Both the working and non-working section of people enjoy spending some quality time with their near and dear ones through these parties. There are also popular New Year cruises, especially for this time of the year, which many people book.

Melbourne is also particularly famous for its lavish New Year parties. One can find all the discotheques and party places in the city crowded with people, at this time of the year. There are a number of beautiful beaches in Melbourne, where one can get to see several thrilling rock bands during New Year celebration. The clubs in the city are thronged with people who dance to the beats of fast music. Some of the clubs also arrange for games and cabaret shows. People in Melbourne follow the Chinese-Australian rituals in New Year. Chinese rituals like sacrifices to the ancestors are followed with complete faith and devotion. To sum up, New Year celebration in Australia is a very happening event and attracts people from all over the world.