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If you want to perform a famous song for your mom on Mother's Day, then read the article. Explore the lyrics of popular Mothers Day songs.

Popular Mother's Day Songs

Mother's Day is a festive occasion celebrated in the western countries with fun and fervor. A wide variety of programs are organized, both at the public and personal level, to appreciate the moms and extend gratitude to them, for their unconditional love. One such event is the performance of Mothers Day songs. Innumerable songs are written, keeping motherhood as the theme. Some are upbeat, while others are melodious. Some of the popular songs have always featured in Mother's Day parties. Here in this article, we have given a couple of popular songs that you can dedicate to your mom, on this Mothers Day.

Popular Mothers Day Songs

I Remember Mama
I remember mama,
And the love that she gave
Kneeling by her bed side
I can still hear mama say,

"the people are depending on you, shirley,
Don't you let them down"

I remember mama in a happy way
We went to school with holes in our shoes
We didn't have much but the lord saw us through
Mama kept the family together
I remember mama in a happy way
She packed our lunch in an old greasy bag
It might've seemed empty,
But it was more than others had
It had a lot of love way down deep inside and
I remember mama in a happy way
Now mama is sleeping in the bosom of jesus christ
Somehow i know she's smiling, she's smiling on us right now
One day i'll see her again, how happy i will be
And i remember mama in a happy way
My brothers and sisters, they're living far apart
Although my mama's gone, she's right here in our hearts
We're all gonna pull together and stay in the holy place
I remember mama in a happy way
I remember mama, i remember mama in a happy way
- written by Shirley Caesar

I Still Hear Mama Praying

I still hear mama praying,
I still hear mama praying;
and the prayers that she prayed,
they're still keeping me day by day;
oh I still hear mama praying for me.

Verse 1:
When mama bowed her head
And knelt down in fervent prayer
She knew how to call on the name of Jesus
For she knew that he'd meet her there
Oh, she thank him for health and for strength
Just to run this Christian race
Oh but she never, she never failed
To pray, pray for children
Saying Lord save them by your grace


Verse 2:
Now the one that you call mama
She may be sleeping in the arms of our God
But the memories of the family devotion
Causes us to always trust in our Lord
Oh, she prayed for the Lord to bless and keep her children
Always let the love of God abide
Oh and the prayer that she prayed will cover
Cover us till we meet her, meet her on the other, other side

Pray for me,
pray for me.

Oh, I still hear mama praying for me
- Written by Chester D.T. Baldwin