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With funny Mother's Day quotes, you can give your mom a gift of laughter on her special day. Check out some humorous quotations for Mother Day.

Funny Mother's Day Quotes

Considering the amount of love and care that a mother endows her children with, she should be thanked every day. However, since this is not always possible and makes the relationship too much formal, a specific day has been reserved for making a mother feel special and the day is called 'Mother's day'. On this day, most of the people express their feelings by resorting to greeting cards, letters and even presents. This time, why don't you try to do something different? Rather than the usual presents, give your mother the gift of laughter and make her day full of humor, by sharing some funny quotes with her and throwing all her tensions away. Given below are some funny quotes that you can read out to your mom on Mother's Day and enjoy a moment of shared love and laughter. If you include one or more of these funny quotes in your Mother's Day card, you will surely get your mom as well as the other family members laughing on the special day.

Humorous Quotations For Mother Day