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Throwing a theme party for your dad is an exciting idea. Check out some fun themes for Father's Day party.

Father's Day Party Themes

Theme parties are very popular these days. On this Father's Day, if you want to do something different for your dad, then arrange a theme party for him. What you have to do is, come up with a unique and exciting theme idea that will make the celebration of Father's day more happening. Make sure that you inform the guests a few days prior to the party, so that they may arrange for the required outfits. Don't let your father know about your party plans. Let it be a surprise for him. If you are looking for some ideas for a Father's Day theme party, check out the list of themes below.

Men In Black & Ladies In Red
This theme is very famous among the partygoers these days. In this, the males will dress in black and the ladies will look gorgeous in red outfits. Ask your male guests to wear formal trousers, shirts and jackets, instead of tees and sportswear. On the other side, ladies should be told to wear red cocktail dresses and other elegant attires such as sarees. Decorate this party with dim lightening. Slow, romantic music and lots of fine liquors and cocktails will create the mood of the party.

Western Party Theme
For setting Western Party theme, prepare the invitation cards that resemble a Wanted poster, with a photograph of your dad. Send them to your guests at least a week before the party. Ask the guests to dress as cowboys and saloon girls. Secretly arrange a pair of boots, faded denims, a cowboy hat and a bandanna handy for dad.

Bollywood Party Theme
This is the most famous party theme where each guest dresses up like a famous Bollywood actor and actress. Some become Don and some become Devdas by wearing outfit related to the particular character in a popular movie. One may even come as the superheroes in movies. While conducting a Bollywood party theme, make sure that the decoration should be very colorful. You can place posters of famous bollywood films and actors.

Victorian Theme Party
If you are choosing Victorian theme, then make sure that you have a large space for this theme. Try to decorate the room to make it look like a ballroom. If you don't have a large hall, then you can even organize a garden party, with a Victorian theme. Ask your guests to dress like Victorian ladies and lords. Decorate your party with lots of flowers, hearts, cherubs and elaborate laces. Play soothing classical music in the background, to go with the theme.

Hawaiian Party Theme
Along with the invitation, send a request to your guests to dress up in colorful floral printed shirts, surfer shorts and sarongs. Tell them to use ornaments made of flowers, such as, earrings, necklace, bracelet, anklets, etc (all should be made of flowers). The decorations for Hawaiian Party should also be done with flowers. Do not forget to play loud Hawaiian music in the background to highlight the theme.