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Father's Day is a day to have fun, which is incomplete without games. Check out some fun-filling Father's Day Party Games.

Father's Day Party Games

Celebration make the moments memorable. And while throwing party on Father's Day, there are many things to be taken care of such as decoration, lighting, food, music, entertainment, etc. Though entertainment is a broad term, games make ones of its important fractions. Good party games not only enliven the party atmosphere, but also the mood of the guests. Father's Day Party Games would bring fun and excitement, while guaranteeing great time for everyone. If you are looking for some fun game ideas for your Fathers Day party, check out these easy party games.

Fun Games For Father's Day Party

Blindfold Race
This game requires good communication and team-work skills. Before the game, set up an area for the race with numerous obstacles to go under, over and around (like chairs, small tables, planks etc). Hide a small prize for each team in the area. Then, each child can pair up with their father and place a blindfold on them. Each child must find the prize, and give their father or grandfather verbal directions on how to deal the obstacles to find the prize. The winner will be the first pair to find their prize.

Shaving Race
This Father's Day party game is though messy, but absolute fun. To play this game, children have to pair up with their father or grandfather. Each team would be given a can of whipped cream (which will be used as “shaving cream”) and a popsicle stick. Fathers will sit down, while each child has to spray their father's lower face with “shaving cream” and scrape it off with their popsicle stick. The winner will be the first child to completely “shave” his/her father's face.

Balloon Blast
To start with this game, divide the total number of people into two equal groups - Team Red and Team Blue. See to it that there should be equal number of fathers and kids in both the groups. Say, if Team Red has 5 fathers and 5 kids, then Team Blue should also have 5 fathers and 5 kids. Subsequently, place two sacks of inflated balloons about 30 yards away from the starting line. One of the sacks should contain red balloons and the other blue balloons. On the blow of a whistle, one participant from each team runs to the corresponding sack, takes out a balloon and tries to pop it by sitting on it. Once the balloon bursts, the player runs to the starting line and tags the next player in the group. Jumping on balloons or picking them is not allowed. The team which will burst all the balloons is the winner.