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Read on to know Easter poem 'Easter Reflections' lyrics by Helen Steiner Rice.

Easter Reflections

The poem 'Easter Reflections' by Helen Steiner Rice portrays the author's musings on the splendor of Easter festival. We glance around and we are enthralled by the mesmerizing beauty of the spring season. Chirping birds tell us about the arrival of spring while golden daffodils spread their fragrance all around. But amid all the merriment, it is through our heart and soul that we can reach out to the almighty and receive his blessings. It is about the connection of our heart, the nature and the almighty. It is also about the beauty the nature bestows upon us and the blessings that God confers upon us. Here are the lyrics of the Easter poem 'Easter Reflections' by Helen Steiner Rice.

Easter Reflections

With OUR EYES we see
The beauty of Easter
As the earth awakens once more.

With OUR EARS we hear
The birds sing sweetly
To tell us spring again is here.

With OUR HANDS we pick
The golden daffodils
And the fragrant hyacinths.

But only with OUR HEARTS
Can we feel the MIRACLE of GOD'S LOVE
Which redeems all men.

And only with OUR SOUL
Can we make our 'pilgrimage to God'
And inherit His Easter Gift of ETERNAL LIFE.