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Here are some ideas about an Easter theme wedding. Read about Easter wedding celebration.

Easter Wedding

The festival of Easter ushers in the spring season resplendent in the glory of gorgeous spring flowers and bright sunshine. Chirping of birds' heralds the advent of spring and delicate flowers spread sweet perfume in the fresh and crisp air. In such a backdrop love blossoms and people feel enthused to step into the married life with an Easter theme wedding. It is not only considered to be the best season to be married but also the association with this holy day tends to make this pious occasion more auspicious.

An Easter wedding can imbibe an assortment of traditional Easter icons such as spring flowers, Easter Bunnies, yellow fluffy chicks and Chocolate Easter eggs. The emphasis should be on creating the perfect Easter ambience with a riot of spring colors such as yellow, cream and white. One can incorporate a hint of fresh spring green for a soothing contrast. The combination of the seasonal flowers with beautiful Easter ornaments make a perfect ambience for any kind of celebration.

If you are planning an Easter themed wedding, the execution of the theme should begin right from the conception. Start designing Easter themed wedding card which reflect the wedding colors with cute pictures of baby rabbits, fluffy yellow chicks or decorated Easter eggs. One can use an Easter card as a wedding invitation and send the card together with the gift of a small Easter Egg. If you are willing to get a little extravagant, you can send a silver Easter egg along with your wedding card. While making an Easter themed wedding card, keep in concern that Easter theme and wedding theme properly synchronize.

When it comes to wedding attire, the bride becomes the cynosure of all eyes and as such her bridal dress should be chosen with proper discretion. Soft 'floating' material such as chiffon, georgette or organza should be used in the wedding dress. The dress should be crystal white representing the holiness of the institution of marriage as well as the piousness of the festival. Brides on an Easter themed wedding can also opt for jewelry made of seasonal spring flowers or wear spring flowers in the hair. She can also carry a shallow basket brimming over with spring flowers. As far as the groom's attire is concerned, he can opt for a light colored suit that matches the bridal colors.

Easter wedding menu should also have the flair of the festival. For the dinner arrangements, it is always good to opt for a big hall. In the heart of the venue place a table with Easter basket and stash it with gorgeous fresh lilies. Also, shop for some beautiful eggshell ornaments and embellish your dinner new with them. Create a beautiful ambience by playing Easter and wedding songs in alternate. On the menu, make sure you include chocolate bunnies and fuzzy yellow chicks along with assorted rolls with butter, cheesecake with sliced strawberries, smoked lamb recipe and wine.