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Here are some Easter gift ideas for teachers. Read about Easter gift baskets for teachers.

Easter Gifts for Teacher

Teachers are revered by one and all for their unwavering commitment towards spreading the light of education in society. They are the mentors and guiders of one's life. A good teacher can create thousands of good human beings. Apart from being teachers, they are the mentors of one's persona and character. As he/she is such an important part of one's life, the respect for them is obvious. On the eve of Easter, students can show their respect and love for teachers with a thoughtful Easter gift. Besides shopping for Easter gifts, students can also opt for hand-made gift items so as lend a personal touch. Here are some gift ideas for teachers:

Easter Gift Ideas for Teacher

The whole class can work together to bring out a video or other such unique memorabilia.

Personalized Gifts
Personalized stamps and notepads, poems and photos, candles, clipboards and other such goodies are also nice Easter gifts for teachers.

If you are willing to gift a present to some male teacher on Easter, Neckties are one of the best options.

Wristwatches are one of the best options as Easter gift for your teacher. You can gift a Rado watch if you can afford.

Your teacher would be more than happy if you gift a wonderful book to him. If you know what kind of genre he prefers to read, that would be an added advantage.

Fashion accessories
Fashion accessories like leather wallet, scarf, and set of designer handkerchiefs are also wonderful options to be gifted.

Audio cassettes and CDs
If you know what kind of music he loves to listen to, you can gift his favorite collection of musical audio cassettes and CDs.

Hand made craft
Though you can get umpteen varieties of gifts from market, taking out time and making something special for your teacher by your own hands would certainly touch his heart.

Bunny Cake
You can also buy or bake a bunny cake for your teacher. This is an ideal gift of Easter for your teacher.

You can also gift your teacher with colorful batik printed eggs which are considered auspicious on the occasion of Easter.

Easter Basket
Easter basket consisting of Easter eggs, candies, candles and flowers is also wonderful Easter gift for your teacher.

Bottle of Champagne
Bottle of Champagne nicely tied with ribbon also makes a good gift if you can't think of anything else.

Jesus Paintings
Paintings depicting Jesus Christ are also wonderful Easter gifts and a keepsake that every Christian would like to have.

A showpiece or memento related to Easter like an Egg shell made craft or a glass egg can also be nice Easter gifts for your teacher.