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Children's Day is one of the most memorable days in China. Read to know all about Chinese Children's Day celebrations and traditions.

Children's Day in China

Children's Day is celebrated on different dates in different nations across the world. In China, it is celebrated on June 1st as International Children's Day as commemorated throughout the world. This occasion is considered equivalent to Christmas in China. It is a time to enjoy, make fun and merry as the Chinese consider children to be the future custodians of the country. On this day, the Chinese pledge to contribute towards providing children with a good family, social and educational environment. Children's Day is an official holiday in China. Read through the following lines to know more about Children's Day celebrations and traditions in China.

Children's Day Celebrations In China

On the establishment of the People's Republic of China in 1949, the State Council (Cabinet) declared a half-day holiday for primary schools on June 1st to mark International Children's Day. Later in 1956, the half-day was converted into a full day's break with The Announcement by the State Council. Hence, June 1st was officially announced as a One-Day Holiday. The holiday is one of the most memorable days for Chinese kids, as it gives them an opportunity to enjoy the beautiful day with near and dear ones.

A large gathering is held in the capital city of Beijing, by the Ministry of Civil Affairs, in cooperation with three other organizations, where over 100 children are invited that represent each of China's 56 different nationalities. The main idea behind this meeting is to allow the children to know each other better and establish ties for further communications, thereby helping them to work together in the future for the growth and prosperity of the nation.

All entertainment places, such as cinemas, parks, palaces and children museums are opened for free for all kids on this day. Different activities like camping trips and free movies are organized for the students to enjoy and make the most of the day. Celebration parties are thrown by elementary schools for young kids. These kids are pampered and showered with several gifts by their parents. They are even given 'lucky' money from family members and other family friends.

Children of civil servants receive small valuable gifts from the government as well. Kids of all ages indulge in voluminous amounts of junk food. The main treats include cookies, cakes, spicy dried fish and chicken feet. To strengthen the bond between parents and children, government and civic organizations sponsor and organize various parent-children activities. Therefore, Children's Day in China is a time for festivities for all Chinese youngsters.