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Children's Day is celebrated with great fun and fervor in Turkey. Read to know about Turkish celebrations and traditions for Children's Day.

Children's Day in Turkey

Children's Day is celebrated on April 23rd in Turkey to honor the children of Turkey and the world. The unicameral parliament of Turkey known as the Grand National Assemble of Turkey was established on April 23rd in the year 1920. This day is also observed to commemorate this event. The day has been declared as a national holiday since 1921. The holiday is celebrated with immense, joy, pleasure, enthusiasm and magnificence. One can notice different spectacular activities taking place on this special occasion. Children from different countries visit Turkey to witness and participate in the Children's Day celebrations. To know more about Turkish celebrations and traditions of Children's day, read through the lines herein.

Children's Day Celebrations In Turkey

23rd April is marked as the National Sovereignty and Children's Day in Turkey. The founder of the Turkish Republic, Mustafa Kemal, better known as Ataturk, declared 23rd April as a day to honor the children of Turkey, who were left homeless during the War of Independence. He even founded the Institute for the Salvation of Children for homeless orphans. Hence, the day has been dedicated to the Turkish children along with celebrating the establishment of the Grand National Assembly. Therefore, Children's Day in Turkey is a happy and significant festival celebrated with immense gusto and zeal.

Different ceremonies take place in Ankara and Istanbul. Elementary schools across the country are decorated and illuminated. Children put on special uniforms to mark the day. Various national level competitions are organized, such as dancing, sports, singing, arts and crafts, and so on. Most of these events are held by the municipality of each city and district that take place in big areas, such as stadiums for the entire nation to witness. These programs are viewed by the President, the Prime Minister, the Cabinet Ministers, provincial governors and high ranking bureaucrats. The children also replace their positions with high dignitaries and hold special sessions in the Grand National Assembly discussing matters related to children's issues.

In 1979 on the United Nation's Year of the Child, the Turkish government declared April 23rd as a holiday for all children of the world. The same year, the country also made efforts to invite kids from other countries for participating in the national Children's Day festivities. Since then every year, Turkish Radio and Television or TRT sponsors an annual festival on the occasion of Children's Day in Turkey. Hundreds of children from over 40 countries march through the streets in their national traditional dresses and perform native dances. This provides an excellent opportunity for cultural exchange for all the participants.