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Children's Day is celebrated with immense joy and pleasure in Germany. Read to know about German Children's Day celebrations and traditions.

Children's Day in Germany

A day is dedicated to children all across the world by celebrating Children's Day. Nonetheless, the day is observed on different dates in different nations. Germany celebrates Children's Day as "Kindertag". The holiday was celebrated on different dates in West Germany and East Germany. While East Germany marked this day on June 1st, West Germany celebrated it on September 20th. The festival was also named differently in both the countries. Kindertag is a celebration of childhood, freedom and respect for parents. Scroll through the following lines to know more about Children's Day celebrations and traditions in East Germany and West Germany.

Children's Day Celebrations In Germany

During the Cold War, Children's Day was celebrated on different dates in both East Germany and West Germany. The day was officially known by different names as well. While it was known as Internationaler Kindertag (International Children's Day) in East Germany, West Germany celebrated the day by the name Weltkindertag (World Children's Day). Even the customs of celebrating the festival were different in both the countries. With the introduction of the festival in East Germany in 1950, children were congratulated and given several presents by the parents. Special activities were also organized in schools, such as field trips and others.

However in West Germany, Children's Day did not hold much significance to the children. Moreover, the day was unknown to many people out there. After East Germany and West Germany reunified in 1990, the date and name of the festival used in West Germany was declared official for the entire Germany state. But, this was not accepted by large groups of the former East German population. Till date, many parents celebrate Children's Day on June 1st, while the public events take place on the 20th of September. Different programs and events are organized for children on this day. Gifts are distributed by the school authorities to students.