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Different customs and traditions mark Children's Day in Poland. Explore the article to know all about Polish Children's Day celebrations.

Children's Day in Poland

Children's Day is celebrated as International Children's Day in Poland. Known as Miedzynarodowy Dzien Dziecka in Polish, this special occasion is marked on June 1st every year. Since its introduction in Poland in 1952, the occasion has been easily adopted by the adults and kids and is largely celebrated in schools and other public institutions. The activities held on this day are dedicated to the children. It is great time for enjoyment, joyfulness and enthusiasm. All in all, Children's Day in Poland complements Mother's Day or Father's Day. Read through the following lines to know more about Children's Day celebrations and traditions in Poland.

Children's Day Celebrations In Poland

Children's Day was introduced as International Children's Day in Poland in 1952. The period coincides with the onset of the summer season in the country. Moreover, the school ends during this time. Though the occasion is a holiday for kids, they attend school not to study but to enjoy the festival to the fullest. Special programs and activities pertaining to the festival are organized for the kids in schools. Some of them include outdoor plays and field trips. The entire first week of June is engaged in different festivities for the kids.

Parks and entertainment centers are beautifully decorated and lit offering games and activities for youngsters, thereby adding to the joys of the festival. Celebrations usually include delivering of speeches on children's rights and well being. Various programs are telecasted on the television and parties are organized, especially for the kids on this day. Visits to cinemas and theaters are also organized by the schools. Parents purchase numerous small gifts, usually sweets, and present them to their children.

Recently, Children's Day celebrations in Poland have started special sessions in the Polish government. On this special day in the capital city of Warsaw, the Parliament is run by the children, instead of the regular Members of Parliament (MPs). Different debates are held on various matters every year - children's rights and education, and other general matters like war, peace or tolerance.

The biggest Children's Day celebrations take place in the city of Krakow that begin about a month before the actual date of Children's day. The Manggha Centre of Japanese Art and Technology, situated in Krakow, Poland, organizes the Japanese Children's Day in the beginning of the month of May. Children are exposed to different workshops organized by the Manggha's staff. Kids are toured especially around the Manggha Centre and taught to do origami, draw Japanese letters and read Japanese fairy tales.