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The Incredibles is a story of undercover superheroes trying to save the world. Read to know the plot and summary of The Incredibles.

The Incredibles Movie

The Incredibles is an American superhero movie depicting people with superhuman abilities. Released in 2004, the movie was produced by Pixar Animation Studios and distributed by Walt Disney Pictures. The story of the movie revolves around a family possessing superpowers that are forced to get into action to save the world. The movie won several awards due to its lively action and surprising comedy. Get hold of a copy of this exciting and mind-blowing movie to turn your kids' Children's Day even more special and memorable. Read through the lines to know about the plot and summary of the movie, The Incredibles.

The Incredibles Story

Mr. Incredible is a superhero with exceedingly strong powers while her love interest, Elastigirl is capable of stretching her body to any extent and any shape. The movie begins with Mr. Incredible and Elastigirl marrying each other as Bob and Helen Parr. They settle down in suburbia leading normal lives just like everyday people, despite having superpowers. Mr. Incredible is working into an insurance job and continues to use his superhero powers. Eventually, he is caught and lectured by his boss. Infuriated, he throws his boss against the wall only to be fired later on. With no option left, he thinks of taking back his job of a superhero but Helen is reluctant to do so.

Helen wants her family to lead a normal life with kids, teen daughter Violet, young son Dashiell/Dash and baby Jack-Jack. Both Violet and Dash have attained superpowers from their parents. Only Jack-Jack appears to be an ordinary child. Dash can run faster that a human can see and Violet is capable of turning invisible and creating protective force fields. Frustrated, Bob finds a message from a woman called Mirage offering a large amount for stopping Omnidroid 9000, an out-of-control robot on a remote island. Bob readily accepts the offer and succeeds in disabling the robot after being taken to the island.

Later, Bob takes his torn superhero suit to well-known fashion designer, Edna Mode who designs gadgets and superhero outfits. Apart from repairing his classic outfit, she designs a new and improved superhero suit for him. Unknown about his joblessness, Bob informs Helen that he is going on a business trip. Bob is being sent to the same island which is a trap to destroy Mr. Incredible. Omnidroid and the island are owned by none other than Bob's foolhardy old fan, Buddy who is now Syndrome. He plans to take revenge on Mr. Incredible and the other Supers for shunning him. Syndrome reveals how he has killed many Supers by luring them to the island and staging a battle with the robot.

Meanwhile on this side, Helen gets suspicious about her husband's whereabouts and visits Edna where she is discovers the truth. Edna shows her latest super-suit designs that she has designed for the whole family. Each super-suit is loaded with a hidden transmitter that helps to locate the person's present location. Helen finds where Bob is. She takes all the super-suits home and arranges for getting to the island. Helen flies to the island along with kids, Violet and Dash who secretly stow away. Baby Jack-Jack is left back home with a baby-sitter. Mr. Incredible is captured by Syndrome and gets alert about the entire family approaching his place.

Though Syndrome tries to destroy Helen and her kids, she manages to save all and land on a beach. Elastigirl saves her husband only to realize that their kids are battling Syndrome's goons. Captured again by Syndrome, Mirage helps to the family to escape. Syndrome launches a rocket to the earth to destroy it and captures baby Jack-Jack. But Jack-Jack saves himself using the recently acquired superpowers. Syndrome is killed when his cape is caught in the engine of his jet. The Parr family unites again only to find that a new villain has appeared. The family once again dons the Incredibles masks and gets prepared for some more action.