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Cars is a fun-filled movie with an exciting storyline. Explore this article to know the plot and summary of the movie, Cars.

Cars Movie

Cars is an American animated movie set in the world of anthropomorphic cars and other vehicles. Released in 2006, the movie has been produced by Pixar while the direction has been given by John Lasseter and Joe Ranft. The film was highly successful and became the highest-grossing animated film of the year. It was also acclaimed with a number of awards, including the Best Animated Feature Annie Award. A good movie to look at, do not miss it out on this Children's Day. Grab a copy of Cars and let your kids have a thrilling and exhilarating Children's Day. In case you are now wondering about the story of the movie, do not worry. Go through the lines below and know the plot and summary of the movie, Cars.

Cars Story

The film is set in a world populated by anthropomorphic cars. The last race that happened was the Piston Cup Championship where retiring Strip "The King" Weathers, perennial runner-up Chick Hicks and rookie Lightning McQueen (Owen Wilson) managed to tie the race. A week later, the tie breaker is scheduled to take place at the Los Angeles International Speedway. Lightning has to win the race at any cost as it would help him leave the sponsorship of Rust-Eze and become the sponsored car of the lucrative team in the King's place. He starts practicing on his big rig, Mack, in California.

While traveling at night, Mack becomes a victim to a gang of reckless street racers. This results in the sleeping McQueen to slip out from the back of the trailer only to wake up in traffic in the run-down town of Radiator Springs. To make things worst, McQueen ends up damaging the main road of the town in a mishap with the local sheriff. McQueen is arrested and released by the town's judge and doctor, Doc Hudson who at the request of local lawyer, Sally Carrera, orders him to repave the road as community service. Trying to rush through the job, McQueen makes a sloppy, bumpy mess of the road only to restart the job all over again.

Over time, he becomes friends with most of the townsfolk and comes to know about the past of Radiator Springs. The town was a popular stopover along the US Route 66. However, the route was erased from the map. He also comes to know about Doc who was a three-time Piston Cup champion but was forced to leave the competition after a serious accident. McQueen completes the road and spends another day at the town. The same night, Mack and the media visit the town after knowing about Lightning's whereabouts from Doc. Both McQueen and the townsfolk are sad about departing from one another.

While at the tie-breaker race, McQueen is distracted towards Radiator Springs. Surprisingly, he sees that his new friends have along with Doc and Mack to cheer him up. Doc serves as McQueen's new crew chief. McQueen counteracts Chick Hick's dirty driving tactics and takes the lead. In the final lap, Chick rams The King which shocks the crowd and McQueen as well resulting in Chick winning the Piston Cup. McQueen helps The King to finish the race and retire with dignity. Here, Chick is rejected of his victory for purposely smashing The King. McQueen is praised for his sportsmanship. He turns down the Dinoco sponsorship and goes back to Radiator Springs thereby shifting his headquarters there.

McQueen, along with Sally, open the Wheel Well Inn, a racing museum. Doc Hudson trains Lightning all the racing tricks. The film ends with everyone accomplishing their dreams and McQueen learning about the true meaning of family and friendship.