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Finding Nemo is an underwater adventure animated movie. Explore this article to know the plot and summary of Finding Nemo.

Finding Nemo Movie

Finding Nemo is the story of a father-son relationship where an overly protective father, Marlin, travels to Sydney in search of his son, Nemo. The 2003 animated film is written by Andrew Stanton and directed by Stanton and Lee Unkrich under the production of Pixar Animation Studios for Walt Disney Pictures. The overly protective and timid clownfish father has been voiced by Albert Brooks while the clownfish son has been voiced by Alexander Gould. The movie witnesses the different risks that Marlin learns to take and also find that Nemo is capable enough to take good care of himself. This adventurous and comedic movie is a perfect treat for Children's Day. Your kids are sure to enjoy the eventful journeys of the two fish in this movie. Find the plot and summary of the film in the following lines.

Finding Nemo Story

Marlin is a fretful and apprehensive Ocellaris clownfish living in the Great Barrier Reef. He is very protective of his only child, Nemo after his wife, Coral, and other offspring were killed by a barracuda. Marlin is worried about Nemo's swimming ability due to his abnormally small right fin which Nemo considers it to be his "lucky fin". Nemo is sent to school but elopes on the first day thereby toughing the bottom of a boat. This starts an argument between the father and son. Eventually, Nemo is captured by a scuba driver and taken away in the boat.

Marlin meets Dory, a native and optimistic blue tang fish with short-term memory loss, in search of help to find Nemo. He meets would-be vegetarian sharks, Bruce, Anchor and Chum and finds a diver's mask dropped from the boat. While struggling with an angler fish in the deep sea, Dory notes down the address on the mask as Sydney, Australia. Hence, Marlin and Dory set out to find Sydney. While sharing his story with a number of young turtles on the way, Marlin's story reaches Sydney through word of mouth.

Coming back to Nemo, the dentist who captured him drops him into a fish tank in his office in Sydney Harbor. He meets a group of fish called the "Tank Gang" in the tank. Gill, a crafty and ambitious moorish idol fish is the leader. The fish come to know that Nemo would be given to the dentist's niece Darla who killed a pet fish previously by shaking a bag of water. Thus, starts the journey of Nemo trying to escape with the help of Gil and Nigel, the pelican. Marlin and Dory somehow manage to reach Sydney and meet Nigel who informs them about Nemo.

The dentist is about to give Nemo to Darla who pretends to be dead. Unfortunately, even Marlin assumes Nemo to be dead. Disheartened, he leaves for home. Gill helps Nemo to escape through a drain. Dory and Nemo encounter. Initially, though Dory is confused due to her memory loss, recognizes Nemo and remembers Marlin's goal. Dory helps Nemo to reunite with his father, Marlin. Both are delighted, but Dory is caught in fishing net along with other fish. Nemo swims to help the fish and Dory escape as an attempt to make his father realize that he can be trusted. Marlin, Nemo and Dory return back home happily.