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Shrek is a beautiful comedy movie to watch on Children's Day. Explore this article to know the plot and summary of the movie, Shrek.

Shrek Movie

Released in 2001, Shrek is an animated comedy film based on the 1990 fairy tale picture book 'Shrek!' The film was produced by DreamWorks Animation and directed by Andrew Adamson and Vicky Jenson. The leading vices have been given by Mike Myers as Shrek, Cameron Diaz as Princess Fiona, Eddie Murphy as Donkey and John Lithgow as villain Lord Farquaad. The movie was critically acclaimed and received an academy award for Best Animated Feature in the same year. With a simple plot and humor, the movie appeals to young children and adults as well. On this Children's Day, set up your cozy comforts and prepare to watch this fun-filled and loving animated movie. Glance through the following lines to know the plot and summary of the movie, Shrek.

Shrek Story

Shrek is a big, strong, solitude-loving, intimidating green ogre who is enjoying life in his swamp. Soon, his peace is interrupted by different fairytale beings including Pinocchio, the Three Little Pigs and talkative Donkey (Eddie Murphy). These beings are sent at the order of obsessive Lord Farquaad. Shrek plans to visit Farquaad to return his privacy with Donkey following him. While Farquaad is torturing Gingerbread Man in the quest of knowing about the locations of the remaining fairytale creatures, his guards enter with the Magic Mirror that Farquaad had long been searching for.

The Magic Mirror informs Farquaad that he can become a real king only by marrying a princess. The Mirror gives him three choices, Cinderella, Snow White and Princess Fiona. Fiona is a beautiful and feisty but very down-to-earth princess. Farquaad chooses Fiona and silences the mirror before it speaks out "the little thing that happens at night". Shrek and Donkey reach Farquaad's palace in Duloc. Here they find that a tournament is taking place wherein the winner would get a chance to rescue Fiona from a castle that is surrounded by lava and protected by a fire-breathing Dragon.

With some help from Donkey, Shrek easily defeats the knights present. Farquaad agrees to move out the fairytale creatures from Shrek's swamp, if he agrees to rescue Fiona. Both Shrek and Donkey reach the castle and split up to find Fiona. Donkey meets Dragon and tries to sweet-talk to save himself only to find that Dragon is a female. Dragon instantly starts liking Donkey and carries him to her chambers. Shrek finds Fiona but she is surprised at his lack of romanticism. Shrek saves Donkey from the dragon resulting in all the three being chased out of the castle by Dragon.

Fiona is happy to be rescued but finds that Shrek is an ogre. The three start moving towards Farquaad's castle but Shrek and Fiona learn that they have a liking towards each other and fall in love. At night, Fiona refuses to stay with Shrek and Donkey and shelters in a nearby cave. The next night too Fiona takes shelter in a nearby windmill. On hearing some strange noises from the windmill, Donkey finds that Fiona has turned into an ogress. Fiona informs Donkey that she had been cursed in childhood and turns into an ogress every night. This is the same reason why she had been locked in the castle. Furthermore, she tells that only a kiss from her true love can return her back into her proper form.

Shrek plans to confess his feelings to Fiona but overhears a part of the conversation. Fiona promises Donkey not to tell Shrek about this spell and that she herself would tell Shrek in the morning. However, Shrek takes Fiona to Lord Farquaad and returns back hurt to his vacated swamp. But, he realizes that he is missing Fiona. Donkey turns up and informs that Fiona would soon be married, urging him to gain Fiona's true love. Thanks to Dragon, who had followed Donkey, Shrek and Donkey are able to reach Duloc easily. They interrupt the wedding and Fiona turns into an ogress in front of everyone.

Farquaad, disgusted, orders Shrek to be killed and Fiona to be imprisoned. Here enters Dragon, who immediately demolishes Farquaad. Finally, Shrek and Fiona admit their love each other and share a kiss. Fiona gets excited as their spell is broken but is surprised to know that she is still an ogress. The two get married in their swamp and leave for their honeymoon.