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When it gets difficult for you to say it, how about simply singing it? Traverse through the different stages of this article for a magnified look at the greatest songs for parents.

Parents Day Songs

Your parents help make your world go around, your parents help lift you up when you are down and wipe away that not-so-tolerant frown. For such noble souls, it is only fair that you do a thing or two to make them feel respected, loved, wanted and admired. After all, if it wasn't for your parents, you really wouldn't be whatever it is you are today. You owe your world to your parents. Remember, when the men of the world turn their backs on you, when there seems to be no light at the end of the darkest tunnel, in your parents you can always find a person to count on. One of the best ways to say you care for your parents is to play them a song that is all about the sturdy link that connects parent and child, mother and son or father and daughter. If you are looking for that perfect song to play or even sing for your parents, your search meets its end here. Four of the best songs on parents and their love for you are what you will find below. Graze!

Parents Day Songs

Cats In The Cradle - Harry Chapin
WOW! This is the first word that should escape your lips when you hear this legendary song by Harry Chapin. The meaning and melody attached to the song makes this masterpiece a very powerful piece of music. 'Cats In The Cradle' draws its inspiration from the misfortune of parents missing out on the younger years of their child. The song speaks of a father who misses out on most of his son's growing years, a sad situation indeed, but then it still helps convey the love that exists between father and son. The Harry Chapin version of this song makes for the original one, but if you are looking for a heavier version of the same song, you might want to give Ugly Kid Joe's take on this song a listen.

The Messenger - Linkin Park
Don't be too surprised! Although Linkin Park borders on the heavier side of music, the band still has a softer side to them and 'The Messenger' is the perfect example of this side. The song is an acoustic number, mostly only dominated by the guitar and the sounds of a piano. This song from the album 'A Thousand Suns' is really the most unexpected track on the record. Chester Bennington sings his heart out. In fact, raw is the best way to describe this song which is a comfort prayer of sorts from a father to his children. As far as the lyrics go, these are the lines that will catch your attention the most - "Remember you're loved, and you always will be, this melody will bring you right back home, when life leaves us blind, love keeps us kind, when life leaves us blind, love keeps us kind". Play this song for your parents and watch them relate to it like no one else can!

Mama I'm Coming Home - Ozzy Osbourne
A melodic introduction, screamingly pleasant vocals and a resounding guitar solo, these are the key ingredients that make this song what it is. Contrary to popular belief, this song is not dedicated to Ozzy's mother, but his wife. 'Legend' has it that Ozzy Osbourne, when on tour, used to call his wife up and tell her he's coming home, this, however, is inside story, no one needs to know anything. The song and the lyrics to the same still make for an excellent tribute to mothers all over the word. Coming from an artist like Ozzy Osbourne, who is most noted for blaring numbers, this song sure is a audio treat to both mother and child!

Teach Your Children - Crosby Stills Nash And Young
Okay, don't let this one go. Words may fail you when you are made to listen to this song, which arguably makes for one of the best songs about parents. It's dedicated to the relationships that parents share with their children, all the while reminding them to teach and bring up their children well. It also is a great song for children, to never let go of the advice given to them by their parents.

That's that, four songs for you to listen to or four songs that you sure can play or maybe even sing for your parents.

Songs For Dad
When it comes to letting your dad know how much you admire his presence in your life, nothing can say it like a song. The bond between father and son has always been a much celebrated one, explaining why musicians, and some of the best of them, have paid tribute to the same.

Songs For Mom
When it comes to love, when it comes to care, when it boils down to concern, it rarely ever gets more real than the love a mother has for her child. Men can conquer cities, men can face beasts bare-handed and men can scale intimidating mountains,