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Quotes on parents can truly help you realize that much more the value of your parents. Navigate through the portals of this article for a cluster of Parent's day quotes.

Parent's Day Quotes

On a cloudless summer evening, look up to the skies, look up to the heavens, look up to the stars, look up to the Almighty and thank Him for giving you your parents. What we take for granted is often that one thing we just can't live without, for living in a world without parents is as good as living in no world at all. Take some time out to think about it - Would you have got any further if it wasn't for your parents? From the time you were brought into the world to when you were taught to stand up on your own two feet (not to be taken literally), your parents have been the ones to help you through every trial and tribulation that came your way. Here's presenting a few of the best quotes on parents and on a day like 'Parents day', these quotes will help you see the light that is the presence of your parents in your life!

Parents Quotations
There you go, quotes on parents that can only help you realize or understand better the value of your parents in your life!

Quotes About Dad
There never has been one kid in this world who never thought his or her dad wasn't the best, wasn't the strongest or wasn't the mightiest. For when it comes to kids and dads, each kid's dad is the best and only that much better than the rest.

Famous Quotes About Parents
Parents! Parents! Parents! Now, don't they always seem to be around, especially when you were a kid, the more you tried to break away from their grasp, the tighter the grasp got. When time to play looked like it had just begun,

Funny Quotes About Parents
The whole concept of parenting may seem like the strictest concept in the world. Your dad may seem like a terror waiting to strike you with the most unforgiving of rods and your mom, may seem like a she-monster who will just not let you have your way with her.

Inspirational Quotes About Parents
Parent's day is celebrated on the fourth Sunday of every July. The day is observed to help us understand the value of parents in our lives. It helps us bond with our parents and gives us an opportunity to express our love and feeling for our parents.

Quotes About Mom
When the going gets tough, the tough don't get going, the tough instead just to go their mothers! Yes, yes, don't fret, your eyes are not playing tricks on you, you are only reading what you just read. Think about it; is there really anything sissy-like when you run to your mother when trapped in the gory jaws of trouble?